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Scientific Bulletin:
Finance, Banking, Investments.
2014 2 (27


Vorobyov E.I., Schegoleva L.
A formation local budget revenues
This article discusses the formation of local budget revenues. The analysis of the formation of local revenues.

Angelina I.A.
The problems and prospects of forming unified system of state financial control in Ukraine
The critical assessment of status and forms of interaction between external and internal organs of state financialcontrol in Ukraine in the context of accountability, subordination, coordination. Existing problems , prospects identifiedand recommendations on the formation of a unified system of state financial control in Ukraine based on the standards of the International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions, including those approved last XXI Congress in Beijing, People’s Republic of China.

Bodner G.D., Haraim D.N.
Forecasting methods of financial condition companies today
The main objective of financial analysis is to reduce the uncertainty associated with the economic decision- making, future-oriented. To study and develop possible ways of development of the organization in a market economy there is a need for financial forecasting. This article discusses the importance of forecasting of economic entities. Provides an overview of approaches to the definition of financial forecasting. Analyzed the main econometric forecasting model of the financial condition of the company, in particular a system of interconnected models, recursive models, time series regression models. The analysis of basic models to predict the probability of bankruptcy, in the context of the advantages and disadvantages of their use. Model of integrated assessment Altman, model Springeyta, universal discriminant model O.O. Tereshchenko tested on an example of Public Joint Stock Company «Electric
Machine Plant «SELMA» (Simferopol).

Kurochkina I., Tarasova A.
Possible prospects for Ukraine in the international currency markets
In the paper was considered the main problems of Ukraine in the international currency market. Were determinedfactors that led to specific problems and proposed some measures to improve the situation in this regard. An analysisof selected indicators of national exchange market was done. Relationship between international, national currency market and global markets and national economies. It was found that these two mechanisms of complex and interdependent to some extent complementary. On this study was determined the possible prospects of Ukraine inthe international currency market.


Vorobyov Yu.N., Danelian S.
Insurance in the modern economy
The article discusses the general characteristics of insurance, its definition is, especially.

Bodner G.D.
Non-state pension funds in the system of mandatory pension insurance in Russia
The paper explores the issues of formation and investment of pension savings of mandatory pension insurance inthe Russian Federation. Special attention is paid to the role of non-state pension funds, as participants of the mandatory pension system.

Butyrina V.
Organizational and legal features of the insurance business
The article considers the features of insurers’ legal forms. Comparison of Ukraine, Russian Federation andRepublic of Belarus insurance markets enables the author to specify preferable legal forms.

Tsugunyan A.M.
Financial stability of insurers and how to strengthen its
The article describes the theoretical aspects of determination of financial firmness of insurance companies ofUkraine. The analysis of indexes of the financial state of leading domestic insurance companies is done, a level them financial firmness is analyzed. Educed problems in maintenance of financial firmness of domestic insurance companies and reasonable recommendations are offered in relation to her strengthening.

Zemlyachova O.A.
Assess the financial condition of insurers and ways to improve
The article describes the theoretical aspects of determination of financial firmness of insurance companies ofUkraine. The analysis of indexes of the financial state of leading domestic insurance companies is done, a level themfinancial firmness is analyzed. Educed problems in maintenance of financial firmness of domestic insurance companiesand reasonable recommendations are offered in relation to her strengthening.


Vorobyova E.I., Kutyina D.
Assessment of the credit portfolios of commercial banks
The article deals with the question structure analysis of the loan portfolio of commercial banks, its structure interms of risk groups, security levels, industry structure, ownership borrowers, etc., and to study the dynamics of eachgroup, the segmentation of the loan portfolio.

Bondar A.P., Sorokina A.O.
Management of distressed credit debt bank of Ukraine
The essence of the problem credits of commercial banks has been studied, the methodic approaches of managingcredits debts have been analyzed, the advantages of the restructuring the advantages of the restructuring, the measuresto improve the bank’s activities have been offered.

Zemlyachov S.V.
Management of banking risks for banks resources in
The paper describes the theoretical aspects of management of banking risks during the formation of the banksresources. Taking into account existing legislation and practice characteristics Crimean banks, management consideredthe most significant types of risk: interest rate, liquidity, foreign exchange. The main directions of improving themanagement of banking risks in the formation of bank resources.

Vorobyov E.I., Osmanova E.U.
Directions Increasing investment banks
In the article the importance of the banking system as an important part of manufacturing processes, providingcirculation of financial flows. Analysis of total loans of the banking sector in the economy, the dynamics of thenumber of banks, assets and loans and the structure and dynamics of banks’ liabilities for 2007-2012. Systematizedreasons hampering the development of the investment banking market. Formulated priority measures aimed atincreasing investment banking.

Bondar A.P., Kovbasyuk E.A.
Control methods attracting resources deposit policy as an element
We studied the nature of the deposit policy and management practices explored group attracted resources of the bank. As a result, it was found that banks need to use both methods for the group.


Balan O.S., Scherepera I.A.
Phases and stages of the investment project
The article describes the optimal from the point of view of the authors, the structure of the life cycle of theinvestment project. This representation is based in practice, the development and realization of similar projects onthe industrial organizations. The article describes the case of the consolidated approach, analyzes found in theliterature approaches to identification of phases and stages of the life cycle of the investment project.

Economics & Management

Voynarenko M.P., Tsymbaliuk A.S.
Implementation TQM system on food industry enterprises
The article analyzes the problems ofimplementation of total quality management (TQM) on food industry enterprisesin accordance with modern conditions ofmanagement, and their directions are resolved, and highlight the main conceptsof TQM requirements and possible action regarding its implementation on the level of the food industry.

Vorobyov Yu.N., Dolgova A.A.
Reorganization of companies: essence, the need and challenges
The article identified the problem and highlighted the need for enterprise reorganization under the current state of the economy.

Ushenko N.V., Shilo K.M.
The conceptual framework of social policy of Ukraine
The article provides an overview of the revised prerequisites of social policy in the context of social development.The conceptual foundations of the implementation of social policy, appropriate requirements of market economyand modern conditions.

Druzin R.V.
Analysis of a general registry of arbitration managers
The principles of operation of a single registry of arbitration managers. The analysis of qualitative and quantitativeindicators of a single registry arbitration manager. Peculiarities of development of the institution of arbitration Manager has: a large number of arbitration managers in Kiev and Ukraine in the East due to the principle of regional concentrationof finance and production; taking into account the peculiarities of modern Ukrainian economy and general statistics regarding bankruptcy, you can draw conclusions about the relevance of the institute of arbitration managers; decreasein the number of arbitration managers in connection with the introduction of the new law (about 50%).

Cheporova G.E., Nohas I.L.
Application of CAPM and ART in determining stock returns Ukrainian enterprises
The article describes and analyzes the pricing of financial assets. Based on the data of the Ukrainian stockquotes, and in particular the Crimean Ukrainian companies on the stock exchange made practical implementation models, namely, by yield for selected stocks.

Kopachova K.
Economic-mathematical modeling and forecasting f financial stability for tourism enterprises
The article examines the scientific and practical approaches to modeling and forecasting financial sustainability of tourism enterprises. Developed algorithmic framework for assessing and forecasting the financial sustainabilityof the tourist enterprise.

Ryumina E.L.
The development of innovative structures in tourist-recreational sphere
The paper discusses and analyzes the structure of innovative enterprise development in recreation and tourismsector. Considered conceptual apparatus innovation. The classification of innovative structures, as well as the difference between these structures from other companies and organizations. Analyzed such innovative structures, namely,recreation and tourism cluster; kurortopolis; recreational Science and Technology Park; recreational parks; travel or recreation and tourist areas. In conclusion, the author notes that there are many unresolved problems that are associatedwith the establishment, development and operation of innovative structures.

Mezhenski A.
Combating economic crimes — an important factor in ensuring the financial security of the state in a globalizing
The article discusses the economic crime as one of the threats and the fight against which is an important factor in ensuring the financial security of the State in the context of globalization. Considered an essential element ofeconomic security in modern conditions — financial security, the essence of which is the formation of stable cash flow state. With the current strategy and the level of economic crime, the emergence of corruption of society, theinability of populations to crime — all this lead to a prolonged economic crisis. The fight against economic crime goes beyond law enforcement. It requires a fundamental change in approach to the financial security of the wholesociety and unified program of financial security. In this regard, the analysis of the literature, which covered various aspects of the causes and conditions conducive to the enjoyment of economic crimes, including crimes in the sphereof financial security in Ukraine. In the paper, the importance of combating transnational and domestic crime in the
State in the context of globalization.