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Scientific Bulletin:
Finance, Banking, Investments.
2014 3 (28


Vorobyova E.I.
Government financial control to investment activity in Russia
In the article theoretical positions are exposed on government financial control of investment activity. Thenecessity of optimization of participation of the state is grounded for an investment process. The financial methodsof adjusting investment activity are offered on the modern stage of development of the Russian economy.


Abibullayev M.S.
Financial support balanced development companies
Investigated funding the balanced development of the enterprise to its basic components.

Druzin R.V., Abdureshitova D.V.
Financial support increase the road safety due alternative energy
This article examines the prospects for the development of alternative energy in the Republic of Crimea. Analyzedthe energy potential of the Crimea and the possible location of the power stations to renewable energy sources. Weconsider the energy problems of the Crimea and the possible solutions that will be less volatile Crimea from themainland. The necessary conditions for the development of alternative energy in the Crimea and improve road safetyby means of solar power systems. On the basis of the research is proposed to invest in alternative energy sourcesCrimea, using world experience.

 Ermolenko G.G., Panasko D.S.
Analysis of financial and economic activity in health resort at the Republic of Crimea: definition of innovative priorities
The article analyzes the financial and economic activity of a sanatorium complex of the Republic of Crimea, as wellas the proposed classification of innovations in the health resort. These innovations can provide the cost-effectivenessof spa enterprises, as well as a positive social and environmental effects in the region.

Kussy M.Yu.
Methodological approaches to the using of the financial market’s fractal structure in the forecast modelling of price’s dynamics
The article reasoned proposed methodological approach to the using of the financial market’s fractal structure inthe forecast modelling price’s dynamics, and also explained the importance of this structure for market liquidity.Based on a review of the approach has been to offer an adequate model that uses a fractal structure of the market.

Nekhaychuk Yu.S., Nekhaychuk D.V.
The evaluation of financial security local government in European countries
There are discusses the features of the system of local government financial support, limited financial policy ofthe government on the development of local government activities and financial management of local governmentsto improve the efficiency of local benefits to citizens in the article. It is shown that the system of financial support oflocal government in the member countries of the European Union are characterized by high efficiency, where localbenefits are provided to the extent necessary. It is proved that in the process of decentralizing the management of thestate needs to create the legal and financial conditions in the area of government to the regions and territorialcommunities. Therefore, in the reform of the financial relations between the regions and the centre, it is important toensure the functioning of regions such conditions under which they had sufficient potential for expanded reproductionand were economically self-sufficient and the budget.

Cheporova G.E., Cheporov V.V.
Formula financing of higher education
The article considers the formula funding of higher education, the breadth of its use, advantages and disadvantages.On the basis of practical data to identify the problems in tracing the allocation of resources at all levels of distribution,it is noted that different factors of a coefficient «student / teacher» are used for the various spheres of knowledge indifferent countries. The role of organizational structure in the transition to formula funding is noted.

 Akinina L.N.
Financial aspects of recreational hydroresources
Studied the experience of several subjects of the Russian Federation in the field of recreational use of waterresources. Identify a number of problems related to the financial aspect of the use of water bodies. A general methodof estimating the economic and environmental efficiency of water use.

 Kotlyarova K.S.
Ways of forming financial resources resort and recreational complex of the Republic of Crimea
The article investigates the features of forming and using financial resources of resort and recreational complexof Crimea. Defined ways of generating financial resources and the basic problems of financial security of resort andrecreational complex. Based on this study suggest ways of improving the state of the financial resources of resortand recreational complex of Crimea.


Vorobyov Yu.N.
Market of reinsurance development in Russia
In the article the analysis of development of reinsurance is conducted in Russia. Economic essence of reinsuranceand methodological bases of functioning of market of reinsurance is exposed. The factors of the positive andnegative affecting are considered market of reinsurance in Russia. Formulated suggestion on the improvement ofdevelopment of reinsurance in a country.

 Bodner G.D., Druzin R.V.
Status and problems of liability insurance car owners in Russia
The article considers the essence of auto insurance, the tendencies of liability insurance of car owners, the basicproblem of liability insurance of car owners. Purpose intensification of information technology, improving thesystem of Internet sales, increased marketing and advertising; diversification of portfolios of insurance companiesin order to reduce dependence on motor insurance, as well as the expansion of sales channels of insurance services.

 Butyrina V.N.
Comparative analysis of insurance market in the Russian Federation and Ukraine at 2009-2013 years
The article presents the results of analysis of the functioning of the insurance market of the Russian Federationand Ukraine in the years 2009-2013., Compared and analyzed the main absolute and relative indicators, emphasizedthe major trends and results.

 Smirnova E.
Theoretical fundamentals of the insurance business
The paper deals with the theoretical foundations of the concepts of insurance and insurance business where theinsurance enterprise is considered as market activities related to the development and implementation of insuranceproducts and insurance services. The study defined the characteristics of the insurance business. The scenario offormation and development of insurance business in Russia.

 Mashyanova E.E.
Evaluation capitalization of insurance companies: from theory to practice
The main approaches to the definition of the capitalization of the insurance company. The views expressed onthe issue of domestic economists capitalization of insurers. Analyzed trends assessment capitalization of Russianinsurance companies. 


Borsch L.M.
Mortgage lending in system of financial security of banks
The main criteria of financial security which are the essence of the theory of economic security in the bankingsystem are considered. The main socio-economic indexes influencing the mortgage lending in system of financialsafety of banks are analysed. Indicators of the market power on safety are defined.

Bondar A.P.
Stage of integration the banking network Republic of Crimea in the banking system Russian Federation
The stages of the integration of the banking network of the Republic of Crimea in the banking system of theRussian Federation, defined features selected stages, identified the main challenges of the transition period andproposes measures to address them

 Kondrashova G.P.
Optimal parameters of mortgage lending in Russia
The article analyzed the optimal parameters of mortgage lending in Russia, namely, described a typical portraits,and the ideal mortgage borrower (in Moscow and the Moscow region), as well as a portrait of a typical mortgageapartment (in Moscow).


Derkach Yu.V.
Social investment: basic approaches to definition economic essence
Investigated the existing approaches to the disclosure of the economic entity, the main characteristics and typesof social investment.

Osmanova E.U.
Theoretical foundations of monetary regulation of investment innovation
The article analyzes the significance of the monetary regulation for investment and innovation. Substantiates theimportance of innovation for economic growth of the state. Marked monetary regulation instruments of investmentand innovation. The analysis methods of influence of monetary policy of the Bank of Russia on the credit policy ofcommercial banks.

Economics & Management

Surnina K.S., Yanovskaya A.A.
Analysis formation of mechanism of state support for small business in tourism
Recently, the problems of state support for small business, especially are in need for a quick solution. In thisarticle the mechanism of state support for small business in tourism, both in Russia and as well as in the worldexperience, is considered. The problems of its functionality are analysed, as well as the key levers of state regulationin the sphere of tourism are redetermined. Proposals for the improvement of mechanism of state support for smallbusinesses in the tourism industry are also developed. According to the countries, which are more developed in thetourism industry, the most effective measures of state support for tourism activities are considered. The statesupport from Russian Federation is considered and analysed.