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Scientific Bulletin:
Finance, Banking, Investments.
2013 6 (25


Vorobyova E.I.
Efficiency using the facilities of local budgets
The questions of the use of facilities of local budgets are probed in the article. Grounded, that efficiency of the use offacilities of local budgets depends on some positions. At first, rational system of forming of profits of local budgets. Secondly, from the formed system of financial stability of local budgets. Thirdly, from transparency and democratic procedures of decision-making about the use profits of local budgets. Fourthly, from an effective public inspection abovedirection of facilities from local budgets in accordance with a decision about the charges of local budget. Fifthly, from clear process of the direct use of facilities of local budgets control. On the basis of research grounded, that on the modern stage of development of the domestic system the use of facilities of local budgets substantial changes which will enableto provide their more effective use are needed.

Vorobyov Yu.N.
Influence of tax system on forming of investment potential of local budgets
In the article the question of influence of the tax system of Ukraine is probed on forming of investment potential of local budgets. It is rotined that at modern terms the tax system does not influence positively on forming of investment potential of local budgets. In composition the operating tax system practically mechanisms absent for growth of investment potential of local budgets. Subsequent perfection of the tax system of Ukraine is offered with the purpose of enhancementfor forming of investment potential of local budgets.

Belopolskaya T.V.
Financial mechanism of intellectual property
This paper deals with the methodological guidelines for the development of the financial mechanism of intellectual property management at the macro and micro level, as the basis for an expanded reproduction.

Bodner G.
Trends in the development of non-state pension funds in the Republic of Kazakhstan
The article examines    the questions of formation and investment of pension savings of mandatory pension insurancein the Republic of Kazakhstan. Peculiarities of the development of the mandatory accumulation pension system, in particular non-state pension funds, studied the problems of their functioning and the government of Kazakhstan foraddressing them.

Korobkov D.V., Mankovskyi D.O.
The EVA concept: methodology, advantages and disadvantages, ways of the calculation's improvement
In the article the complex methodology of the EVA indicator application is examined with appropriate examples being presented; a number of amendments and revisions is suggested with the purpose of the calculations’ accuracyenhancement; a forecast is made concerning the further development of the EVA methodology and its role for the enterprise value estimation

Pantielieieva N.N.
Methodical approaches to definition and evaluation of the reserves for increasing the efficiency of financial innovations
In the article proposed the algorithm of increasing the efficiency of activities of the banking institution with developmentand implementation of financial innovations. The methodology of analysis and estimation of financial innovations on the basis of calculation of integral indices and the main phases of their life cycle was developed by the author. Combinequalitative and quantitative methods of evaluation enables a comprehensive approach to identification, analysis and assessment of the reserves for increasing the efficiency of financial innovations.

Polzikova A.V., Gorshkov Y.N.
Tax regulation particularly challenging economic activities of businesses
The article describes the features of the implementation of taxation incentive function defining approaches to building an effective system of taxation of the state.


Azizov G.S., Posnaya E.A.
Bank capital formation in the globalization of financial and credit market in Ukraine
The article deals with the restructuring of banking institutions as the most effective method of forming the banks’capital.

Nieizviestna O.V., Kasyan O.V.
Adaptation of international experience for crediting of agricultural enterprises to the conditions of Ukraine
The article studies the characteristics of crediting the agricultural sector in foreign countries. It substantiates the necessity to adapt the international experience of providing agro-industrial complex enterprises with credit resources tothe conditions of Ukraine.

Filatova Y.V.
Features electronic document management systems in the financial-banking sphere
The article deals with the issue of implementation and use of electronic documents. Given the specifics of banking,analyzes the features of electronic documents in financial institutions.

Shaperenkov A.V.
State-bank partnership in providing monetary innovation in Ukraine
The article explores the nature, principles and specifics of the mechanism of public-Bank partnership, proposedexpanding the traditional principles of its functioning. Identified significant advantages banks of partnership relationswith the state and the provisions of this partnership in certain stages of development of innovative potential.

Mstoyan K.V., Mohamad A.V.
The bankruptcy of the bank: economic essence, types and causes
Morphological analysis and identified the main approaches to the interpretation of the category «the bankruptcy ofthe Bank». Given types of bankruptcy and their characteristic. Investigated external and internal reasons for the bankruptcyof the banks. Analyzed the current trends in development of the banking system of Ukraine.


Guzenko O.P., Shokalo T.P.
Bank investment crediting: setting the problems and prospects
The article is dedicated to the problematic aspects of bank investment crediting, contains the author’s position concerning its essential characteristics, provides the evaluation of the current state of financing the capital investments at the expenseof credit resources and highlights the perspective directions for improvement of investment crediting.

Antonets M.V., Lengyel A.V.
Methods and tools for monitoring financial companies investment projects
This article describes the main tools of financial monitoring of investment projects of the enterprise, allowing management to ensure the implementation of the principles of financing of enterprises in terms of risk.

Talalaeva A.A.
Factors which shape investment attractiveness rating of the state
The article deals with the present value of international investment attractiveness ratings for the world economy andindividual economies. Aggregative classification of factors which affect the rating assessment is proposed. The examplesof change in the international agencies assessment under the influence of various factors and the consequences of such fluctuations are presented. The strong role of international investment ratings and an ambiguous attitude towards them inthe world nowadays is emphasized.

Economics & Management

Kondratenko N.O., Lukianchenkova V.E.
Theoretical foundations for fostering innovation en- terprises of the construction industry in the region
Theoretical issues of innovation activity of enterprises of the construction industry and the provision of basic tools fostering innovation regions. Determined that the construction sector for the regions and regional development is veryimportant because of its development depends on many factors forming life. It is proved that stimulate innovation inenterprises of the construction industry in the region can be seen as a universal recipe successful interaction of regional-level management, businesses and academia.

Vershytsky A.V.
Condition and direction of development of tourism infrastructure
The article describes the status and the direction of tourism infrastructure development the changes of thecompetitiveness index of tourism and travels of Ukraine as well as the other Black Sea countries and other neighboringcountries, focused on tourism are analyzed. The necessity of developing and the procedure of constructing tools and integrated indices of the assessment of the tourist activity development and comparative analysis (rating) are grounded.

Manzhura A.V.
The typology of agricultural cooperative stores of Ukraine
The essence of agricultural co-operation and it role are determined in development of agrarian business and marketrelations in Ukraine. The comparison of agricultural attendant and productive cooperative stores is conducted on thedistinguished signs. The directions of the use of conducted typology are determined for development of entrepreneurial activity of agricultural cooperative stores.

Revak I.A.
Intellectual potential in processes of national economy structural transformation
The most important problems of national economy structural transformation are characterized and the influence of state’s intellectual potential on the processes of Ukraine’s economy structure balancing is grounded.

Yankovska V.A., Semenets A.A., Kuznetsova S.A.
Asset and liability management company
Considered the need of the analysis of a condition of the assets and liabilities as part of the analysis of a financial condition of the company, that allows to assess financial stability, liquidity and business activity of the enterprise.

Yakymenko O.V.
Theoretical foundations of innovative potential of enterprises construction industry and its evaluation
The theoretical foundations of innovation management and innovation potential of enterprises of the construction industry and methods of assessment. Determined that the complex characteristic of enterprise capacity to innovate is its innovative potential. The place of innovation potential in the economic potential of the company and its assessmentindicators defined in the construction phase and development. We prove that it is extremely important for construction companies have the knowledge and understanding of the theoretical foundations of innovation potential patterns of the process of its formation, increase and methods of its evaluation.

Azarchenkova  M.K.
Theoretical and methodological  foundations  of anti-crisis management in Construction
The theoretical and methodological foundations of crisis management in the construction and principal task of crisismanagement construction company. Determined the existence of a close connection crises and risks. Identified riskfactors that are specific to construction enterprises. We prove that the creation of an effective crisis management construction company based on an assessment of its initial (current ) state and the stability of its operation determined by the following factors as increasing sales volume, stable profitability, financial stability.

Berezhansky  M.M.
The analysis of conditions of innovative  development  of the economy  in Ukraine
The global innovative rating of Ukraine is being analyzed; the conditions of innovative development of the economyof Ukraine are studied, namely: human capital and science, infrastructure, attractiveness of business, results of innovations,strengths and weaknesses of the national economy of Ukraine are defined.

Kyrlyk N.V.
The structure of the human capital of Transcarpathia and Ukraine
The article describes the current state of human capital of Ukraine and Transcarpathia. Highlight the five constituentsof human capital and defined indicators that characterize them. A quantitative analysis of these components at Ukraine and Transcarpathia defined balance their development.

Kiselyov K.
Consumption of industrial output Ukraine: statistical aspect
This paper analyzes the production industry Power balance Ukraine for the period 2002-2010, and an analysis comparing the growth rate of industrial production in Ukraine and some EU countries for the period of 2007-2011 years.