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Scientific Bulletin:
Finance, Banking, Investments.
2013 4 (23


Vorobyova E.I.
Financial and economic security of the state: theoretical and methodical aspects
The article examines the theoretical and methodical aspects of the economic and financial security of the state. Based on the analysis of scientific views of scientists proved that at the present stage of development of the national and world economy should be viewed not financial or economic security and financial and economic security of the state.

Ushenko N.V., Druzin R.V.
Evolution of bankruptcy institute in Ukraine
The evolution of the institution of bankruptcy in Ukraine is justified allocation of 6 stages of development of the institution of bankruptcy and their characteristics, clarified the further development of the institution of bankruptcy during the financial crisis.

Vorobyov Yu.N.
Theoretical bases of state financial support of small enterprises
Theoretical bases of state financial support of development of small enterprises open up in the article. Theoretical bases of development of small enterprises are investigational in the economy of Ukraine. Own determination of essence of state financial support of small enterprises is formulated. It is grounded, that at the level of the state changes which will provide terms for development of small enterprises as a guarantee of positive changes is in a national economy are needed. It is set that state financial support must be based on the proper methodological base to which behave: principles, methods and mechanisms of state financial support. Basic principles, methods and mechanisms which must be put in basis of methodology of state financial support, are certain. Revealed interests of the state and small enterprises are exposed in the process of realization of state financial support. The variants of co-operation of the state and small business entities are grounded in the process of realization of state financial support. The own understanding of the institutional structure of
state financial support of small enterprises is offered.

Blazhevich O.G.
Theoretical aspects the increase of efficiency financial indexes in the enterprise
The theoretical aspects the increase of efficiency financial indexes in the enterprise are considered in the article. Indexes of profitability (unprofitableness) are basic indexes which characterize efficiency of activity the business entity. The calculations different types of income and indexes the efficiency of activity are carried out for a small business entity.

Kussy M.Yu.
Financial risks and financial security of the company
The article dismantled the existing approaches to the definition of such economic categories as «financial risk» and «financial security of the company». The analysis has shown that the existing definitions of these categories are not enough matches their intrinsic characteristics, which noted in the current scientific literature. It was suggested that the author’s definition of economic category «financial risk» and, on the basis of the analysis to determine the economic category of «financial security of the company», has been invited to the definition of Professor A.V. Gukova and of associate professor I.D. Anikina.

Oliynyk O.O.
The economic essence of the financial system from the perspective of national and foreign sciences
Analysis of current methodological approaches of essence of the financial system from the perspective of national and foreign science has been made. Own interpretation of the definition of the financial system has been proved.

Tkach S.V.
The impact of devaluation exchange rate policy on country’s trade balance in different time periods
The impact of devaluation processes on the dynamics of net exports is analyzed in this article. The dependence of the country’s trade balance on the elasticity and the propensity to export and import operations is proved.


Gumeniuk V.V.
Features of resort services consumer crediting development
The article deals with the theoretical aspects of resort services consumer crediting. It analyzes the socio-economic conditions that influence the formation and further functioning of resort services consumer creditingin Ukraine and outlines the modern trends and prospects of this kind of credit.

Kondrashova G.P.
Modern crediting programs of buying housing in Ukraine
The article investigates the nature, circumstances and implementation of modern mortgage housingprograms in Ukraine.

Kozak G.I.
Theoretical approaches to concept definition «a private pension fund»
This article examines the nature of private pension funds as social and financial institutions. It is presented the critical review of approaches existing in the economic literature to definition of concept «a private pension fund» which gives the chance to prove the author’s approach to its interpretation.

Chyrak I.M.
World experience of use monetary policy instruments during the financial crisis
It was researched the practice of use of the monetary policy instruments by the central banks of developed countries in periods of increased financial instability. The effectiveness of use of traditional instruments of monetary policy at the beginning of the financial crisis causes for the decline of their effectiveness and the need of use of unconventional measures and new tools are analyzed.


Zhernovaya E.V.
Development of the state participating forms and methods in regional investment processes
In the article the features of state-private partnership and project financing are exposed as modern instruments of market management. The forms of their combination are offered for realization of the state affecting regional investment processes.

Zavezion M.
State and conditions of investment activity in Ukrainian economics
An article reveals an essence of the concept of investments and it’s derivative terms, and also conditionsand shortcomings of formation the investment activities in the Ukrainian economy.

Economics & Management

Menshchikova V.I., Pahomov M.A.
Innovative component of the sustainable development of economy of the region
In article the innovative component of a sustainable development of economy of the region — a regional innovative subsystem is considered. The role and value of a regional innovative subsystem for a sustainable development of economy of the region locates.

Bondar A.P.
Ensuring economic security of the regions in Ukraine
The theoretical foundations of economic security areas, approaches to the definition, criteria and indicatorsto assess its level are considered. Proposed organizational, economic and legal measures that will promotethe economic security of the regions in Ukraine.

Rassykhina V..
Theoretical basis of budgeting innovation activities of enterprises
The articles considers theoretical approaches to the definition of budgeting innovation enterprises, reviewed the specific features of the process. The necessity of an integrated approach to the budgeting’s managementof innovation processes justified and his characteristic aspects indicated.

Frolov V.I.
Features of teaching methodology of discipline «Models and methods of making decision are in analysis and audit»
Expediency of discipline studies «Model and methods of making decision in analysis and audit» are reasonable. The features of teaching methodology in the conditions of the credit-module departmental teachingtaking into account modern requirements to professional knowledge of accountants and public accountants are considered.

Shapovalova T.V.
Social capital in economics: similar and distinct features
In the article that is based on the scientific sources analysis, which are studied different aspects of «capital»and «social capital», the author identified and analyzed the similarities and distinctive features, the characteristics of the social capital and the physical capital (as one of the most accepted forms of «capital» inthe economics). Comparative analysis revealed that the social capital has more differences from than similarities with the physical capital. The author is inclined to the scientific point of view expressed by Western economiststhat the term «social capital» is not sufficiently developed as an economic category. As a result, it puts indoubt the correctness, validity of the «social capital» term usage in the economy and economics and it callsfor its replacement by the «social capacity» term.

Dyadin A.S.
Aggravated business in economic system
The paper defines the priority areas of motivation business. The tool of reaching prospective tasks ofeconomic development, anti-competitive environment. The theoretical approaches to study the creation and development of new businesses.

Zotova M.E.
Analysis and evaluation urgent problems of social inequality in Ukraine
The article analyzes the social inequality in Ukraine. The basic cycle of formation and spreading of the phenomenon. The basic indicators that determine the level of risk and social inequalities in the country.

Ivanytska T.E.
Creation of logistics management  efficiency assessment model based on expert survey
On the basis of logistic approach to management efficiency, based on the results of the expert survey, theformula of integrated indicator of a construction company management efficiency is suggested in the issue.

Reviews of the scientific and methodical works
Review of the monograph Evtushevsky O.V. «Theories of Corporate Relations»