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Scientific Bulletin:
Finance, Banking, Investments.
2013 2 (21


Vorobyov Yu.N.
Financial capital of financially-industrial groups in modern economy of Ukraine
In the article the questions of becoming and forming of financial capital of financially-industrial groupsare probed in the modern economy of Ukraine. It is grounded, that in modern terms the financial capital ofstock associations is largely formed due to the use of facilities which are attracted from the financial sector ofeconomy. Creation of financially-industrial groups is an important step on the way of forming of financialcapital.

Vorobyova E.I.
Budget of Ukraine: state and prospects
The modern state of budget of Ukraine is probed in the article. It is well-proven that for a modern periodcharacteristic is instability in a budgetary sphere which is conditioned financial and economic difficulties ina country. Directions of improvement a situation are certain in the budgetary sphere of the state throughreformation of the socio-economic system of Ukraine.

Kolodiy S.Yu., Filyuk S.A.
Quasi-fiscal activities: nature, types and examples of use
The essence of quasi-fiscal operations, their subjects and objects are investigated. Authors show featuresof the quasi-fiscal operations in the implementation of fiscal policy, studied and classified types of quasifiscal operations, depending on how they affect the revenues and expenditures of the state and local budgetsin the current and future periods. Analyzed the use of quasi-fiscal operations ain the formation of tariffs forelectricity produced and sold to the public.

Surnina C.S., Pulayev L.R.
Budgetary regulation in market conditions
In work is investigated necessity essence and necessity of budgetary regulation for market conditions. Theauthor specifies the basic stages of realization of liberal function of the budget and directions its realization inmodern conditions are offered.

Belaylov T.E.
Directions perfection of budgetary process on regional level
In work the questions perfection of budgetary process are explored on regional level, unsolved problemsafter adopting the Budgetary code of Ukraine. Directions balanced of local budgets are certain an author,measures are offered on perfection of fiscal policy on regional level.

Karapetyan O.
Globalization determinants of national debt policy
The article examines current global trends in public debt and the effects of the global financial crisis ondebt policy. Outlines the problems and contradictions in the debt finance of Ukraine and suggested measuresfor its modernization.

Nekhaychuk Yu., Horovtsova O.
Approaches to optimization of cash flow management in company
Bases of financial stream’s management were studied, financial streams on state’s enterprise«Malorechenskoe» were analyzed, measures to improve system’s functioning of financial streams weredeveloped, the proposals of optimization of financial streams were submit.

Pronin Yu.M.
Financial support pension funds
The article shows that pension reform carried out in Ukraine is based on models of pension reform advancedforeign countries examine objectively absent, above all, financial difficulties. Directions fiscal consolidation«bearing structure of compulsory state pension insurance» — Solidarity (distribution) of the pension system.Outlined measures for the establishment and improvement of accumulation (savings) of aqueous pensioninsurance and non-state pension system.

Chrna O., Matsneva E.
Meaning and economic problems of capital real sector in economy at Ukraine
The article is based on a generalization of theoretical and methodological approaches to managing business real economy and consideration of economic conditions, against which the formation mechanism of managing business in domestic practice outlined issues management. It is possible to propose the introduction of anumber of directions of the mechanism of managing business real economy in Ukraine based on basic money management strategies at this stage — the stage of overcoming the consequences of a systemic crisis.

Financial market

Pshyk B.
Current models of financial and credit relations in the financial market
On the basis of scientific sources characterized model of financial and credit relations in developed countries, their features, advantages and disadvantages. An architectural approach to classification models by the following criteria: prevalence of certain types of financial institutions — banking, non-banking, corporate banking,guidance on the result of the financial and credit relations — directive-driven, program, unit.

Shcherban O.
Methodical approach to the development of the enterprise financial strategy
The article deals with the stages of enterprise financial strategy formation and with the algorithm of its construction. The author has identified and analyzed a set of factors that influence the development of financial strategy. Consideration of the life cycle stage of the enterprise and the products it manufactures, as well as selected financial and marketing policy, affects the choice of the financial strategy type.

Zakorko M.V.
Empirical evaluation the effectiveness of information stock market in Ukraine
The question of empirical verification information efficiency Ukraine’s stock market on the basis of K. Froot and M. Obstfeld model and events analysis are considers in the paper. The hypothesis of information asymmetry or poor its performance has confirmed, that determines the possibility of the formation of excess returns on securities. Poor information market efficiency makes difficulties of using classical models forassessing the rate of return or cost of financial capital.


Vodolazska O.
The study of the insurance company as part of the insurance system through a systematic approach
Based on a systematic approach defines insurance system and the approaches the study of the insurance company as part of this system.


Kondrashova G.P.
History and becoming prospects mortgage banks of Ukraine
In the article the brought history over of origin on territory of Ukraine (as a part of the Russian empire) ofinstitutes of mortgage, institutes of the mortgage housing crediting on territory of modern Ukraine, terms andfunctions of creation of mortgage banks that will actively develop a housing mortgage are forecast.

Kostyuchenko T.I.
Liquidity of commercial bank: management and adjusting
The article is devoted to the questions of management and adjusting by liquidity of commercial bank. Thewide circle of the questions related to bank liquidity is considered: essence, purpose, approaches and methodsof management and adjusting of liquidity, is certain. The complex of mechanisms of management by liquidityof bank which provides the increase of efficiency of acceptance of administrative decisions at adjusting ofpay position of bank is offered.

Fedorov I.A., Shevchenko E.A.
Theoretical approaches to the formation of macro-economic indicators used as targets of monetary policy
The main targets of monetary policy and theoretical approaches to its formation are investigated. Authors analyzed the interaction of the money supply, exchange rate, inflation rate between themselves and othermacroeconomic indicators, formed as a result of the equilibrium in the goods, money, labor and capital markets. Conclusions were made on the possible to use of the money supply, a fixed exchange rate and consumer price index as targets of monetary policy


Bodner G.
Ukrainian co investment market
The article presents the state of development of the domestic co investment market at this stage. Examinedtrends in the number of investment funds, their assets and other indicators for 2007-2011. Identified problemsand suggest possible solutions.

Economics & Management

Kalambet S., Voropay V.
The mechanism of economic security enterprise railway industry
The article examines the existing railway undertakings and economic risks associated with them different types of costs. A mechanism that would better identify risk at the company and possibly disable it during decision-making.

Surnina C.S., Bogosyan M.V.
Areas for improvement of accounting dairy industry
The article deals with the issue of accounting in the dairy industry. A calculation of the integral index thatcharacterizes the organization of accounting at the enterprises. Outlined ways to improve accounting.

Elystratova G.I.
Methodical approaches to an assessment of efficiency of activity of the enterprises
In article the main methodical approaches to an assessment of efficiency of activity of the enterprises which use allows to reach the best results of functioning and improvement of management by activity of the enterprises are considered. The maintenance of the presented tools of management and possibility of their application in difficult conditions of managing for achievement of the purposes of the enterprise reveals.

Karapetyan E.T., Kvasovskyy A.R.
Analysis residential property market in Ukraine
The article verifies the feasibility of the analysis of the real estate market methodological approach, basedon the postulates of the theory of economic cycles. Based on the critical processing, systematization andgeneralization of many research scholars and practitioners dedicated to predict changes in the domestic realestate market, argued their positions on motion vectors of the national housing market in the near future.

Pivnyak Yu.
Research basic concepts and depreciation functions
Investigated depreciation in terms of different concepts: economic, accounting, tax, financial, casual,expenditure, capital preservation, restoration, and others. Based on the analysis of the concepts suggesteddepreciation definition depreciation and solved its basic functions.

Plakhotnik E.A.
Methodological principles the forming of mechanisms in management by socio- economic systems in network economy
In the article the characteristics of network structures in the regional management are investigated and the principles of formation mechanisms of network economy social and economic systems are proposed.

Sukhina A., Yakovenko O.
Modern problems of private-public partnerships in Ukraine
The paper considers the nature and main characteristics of public-private partnerships, especially the interaction of its subjects, the main problems of the private-public partnerships in Ukraine and the ways oftheir solution.

Kopachova C.
Managing risk reduction of financial stability tourism enterprises
The article deals with the interpretation of the concept of «risk», «financial risk», «risk reduction of financial stability». An algorithm for assessing and managing risk reducing financial sustainability of tourismenterprises. Considered methods to minimize the risks that affect financial stability.

Bulgakova F.
Analysis of transport system in modern national economy of Ukraine
Tendencies of development of transport complex of Ukraine, problems and prospects for development.