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Scientific Bulletin:
Finance, Banking, Investments.
2012 6 (19


Andrienko V.N.
Methods of financial monitoring in system management enterprise
In the article the theoretical questions of relatively methods of the financial monitoring are probed in control the system by an enterprise. It is grounded, that the financial monitoring is the important instrument of providing of growth of market value of enterprise and satisfaction of interests of him proprietor’s.

Vorobyov Yu.N., Sitshaeva L.Z.
The estimation of tax loading on enterprises of a build complex in Ukraine
In the article the estimation of the tax loading is conducted on build enterprises of Ukraine on regions. Authors are expose tendencies, characteristic for the dynamics level of the tax loading to beginning of crisis period (2002 – 2007 years) and crisis period (2008 – 2010 years).

Vorobyova E.I.
The theoretical aspects social partnership of financial relations in Ukraine
In the article the theoretical aspects of financial relations of social partnership are considered in Ukraine. The substantive provisions of financial relations of social partnership are exposed in a country. The features of forming of payment of labor are considered and the necessity of increase of public welfare of workers is well-proven from the side of the state and employers.

Klimchuk S.V.
Integration priorities of architectonics in financial space
The necessity of research of architectonics of financial space is conditioned realities of functioning of finance mechanism from position of institute of financial relations. The modern problems of integrationof institute of finance the forming of new methodical approaches, requiring application of spatial re- search of both separate elements and levers of the financial system and their interconditionality and interdependence. At the use of properties of architectonics its effective management, quantitative deter- mination and prognostication, is possible.

Shepelenko .V.
Diagnostic mechanism of the financial condition in the company
The mechanism of diagnostics of the financial state in enterprise is probed in the article. Suggestionsare grounded in relation to essence and maintenance of this mechanism, his elements, instruments and methods. The basis stages of leadthrough of diagnostics of the financial state of enterprise are selected.

Belopolska T.V.
The organization financing of innovative projects in system management capital enterprises in real sector of economy
The features of financing innovative-investment activity domestic industrial enterprises are considered, improved approaches to organization of this process in the conditions of high cost financial resources.

Butyrina V., Litvinova O.
Management by financial stability of insurance organizations
Essence and features of management of insurance organizations financial firmness are investigational. The economic and mathematical model of maximization of financial firmness of insurance companies is built, the corresponding settling is conducted.

Veriga A.V.
Real currency exchange rate: theories and realities of Ukrainian economy
The content of macroeconomic models, which describe a movement of real currency exchange rate and its connection with nominal one was generalized. Dynamics of official and effective UAH rates wasanalyzed, a correlation analysis of interconnection of real UAH exchange rate and macroeconomic indexes was held. It was concluded about balanced state of real UAH exchange rate and perspectives ofnational economy further growth.

Zakharova N.Yu.
Estimation the providing terms and state of financial equilibrium in agrarian enterprises
Basic approaches to determination of essence of financial equilibrium of enterprise are lighted in thearticle. The necessity of providing of financial equilibrium is reasonable for the modern terms of managing and the factors that influence on her forming is outlined. Estimation of providing terms and state of financial equilibrium of row of agrarian enterprises is conducted. Influence of the state of financialequilibrium on indexes them financial and economic activity is educed.

Karpyshyn N.I., Fesyanova N.V.
The classic principals of local taxation: experience and potential of realization in Ukraine
The classic principals of local taxation are considered and opportunities of its realization in Ukraine are analyzed in article. The directions of improvement of local taxes system are suggested.

Korchinsky V.E., Shurygina D.V.
Strengthening the financial independence of the region by the reform of intergovernmental  fiscal relations
This paper investigates the problem of reforming intergovernmental fiscal relations. Analyzed theorganization of intergovernmental relations, identified the problems. Offered a conceptual direction ofreforming the system of intergovernmental relations.

Nikolayeva .
Development of Ukraine local finances at the present stage
The article considers the nature and function of local finance. The characteristics of the components of the local institute of finance is given. The statistic that gives an idea of the extent of local finance ofUkraine at the present stage is shown. The problems and prospects of further development of the system of local finance is determined.

Pedersen I.
Assessment of the money supply in Ukraine
The paper analyzes the main macroeconomic indicators that characterize the state and dynamics of the money supply in Ukraine. Due consideration is given to the dynamics of monetary aggregates, to theindex of monetization of the economy, the coefficient of cash and dollarization.

Rubtsova  N.
Assessing  the impact  of state aid on the efficiency  in the insurance  company «Oranta-Sich» at agricultural insurance
This article is devoted to studying the impact of state aid on the level of efficiency of Ukrainian insurance companies in agricultural insurance.


sgv V.
The liquidity in the system of rating estimation in the commercial banks
The methodical going near the estimation of liquidity depending on the purpose of determination of rating of bank institutions is generalized. The value of criteria for the rating estimation of liquidity bysystem of CAMELS, which is used in the process of supervisory activity of the National bank of Ukraine, is formalized. The causal and consequence connections of risk of liquidity with other types of bank risks, The methodical going near the estimation of liquidity depending on the purpose of determination of rating of bank institutions is generalized. The value of criteria for the rating estimation of liquidity bysystem of CAMELS, which is used in the process of supervisory activity of the National bank of Ukraine, is formalized. The causal and consequence connections of risk of liquidity with other types of bank risks,


Kondrashova G.P.
Analysis of the modern state support in mortgage lending in Ukraine
The analysis of the current state of residential mortgage in Ukraine is given, with the financial support provided by the state, analyzed the conditions of its provision, the shortcomings of practical implementation, the experience of the state housing mortgages in other countries, ways to improve it.

Kussy M.
Introduction into applied theory of current volatility
The concept of the current market volatility as a new economic category is discussed in this article.The fundamental differences of the proposed market characteristics are compared with the existing typesof volatility. The author offers a new methodology for current volatility use in the forecast modeling of price dynamics in financial markets. The effectiveness of current volatility to analyze and forecast thebehavior of the socio-economic systems is demonstrated.

Shvets Yu.Yu.
Economic modeling company profits depending on the cost of repair the fixed assets and return on assets for example manufacturing plant
The article is an analysis of the fixed assets on the example of the SE «Sevvinzavod» main activity isthe production of sparkling wines. Also try a mathematical calculation direction improve capacity utili- zation by analyzing the structural improvement of fixed assets.

Economics & management

Bilopol'skiy N.G.
Priority directions of management innovative potential enterprises Ukraine in the condition of globalization
In the article research is carried out for the improvements of management innovative potential of enterprises of Ukraine. Development of methodical positions is carried out on the increase efficiency ofmanagement innovative potential enterprises in the conditions of globalization.

Kalambet  S., Voropai V.
Theoretical  approaches to the essence of economic security railway undertakings
Based on the analysis of existing theoretical approaches to determining the nature of economic security and considering features of enterprise railway branch the definition of economic security rail.

Vorotyncev V.A.
The prerequisites of innovation development in housing and utilities enterprises
The current state of housing and utility enterprises of Ukraine is considered in the article. Housing and utilities problems are highlighted and activities, that will contribute to the improvement of thissector of the economy, are offered.

Plakhotnik E.A.
The mechanism to development  of production  activity in the socio-economic systems
Approaches are considered to development of production activity of the socio-economic systems in the conditions of market economy, role and value of the systems of payment and motivation of labor in the management by enterprises.