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Scientific Bulletin:
Finance, Banking, Investments.
2012 5 (18


Vorobyova E.I., Sitshayeva L.Z.
Current state of the taxation in the enterprises of the construc- tion complex at Ukraine
In the article the current trends of taxation construction companies in Ukraine. The analysis of the amount tax deductions for selected construction companies. The study was set trends taxation construction enterprises groups studied regions of Ukraine. It was found that the taxation of construction companiesin Ukraine is characterized by uneven distribution of both on a regional basis, and the level of taxes.

Klimchuk S.V.
Retrospective view of methodological development the architectonics in financial space
Research the methodology of architectonics in the financial space presents possibility of effective management the institute of financial relations and instrumental in stabilizing of development of the financial providing. The institute of financial relations does not develop isolated and in the system of economic transformations, and preeminently properties of architectonics allow to define the criteria of effective co-operation of the financial providing in the economic system.

Kramarenko V.I.
Estimation of collaboration in Ukraine with international financial institutes
In the article the basis results of collaboration are considered with IMF and EBRD. An objective necessity and problems is exposed for a collaboration with international financial institutes.

Chepurko V.V., Blazhevich O.G.
Theoretical aspects the management income of enterprises
The theoretical aspects of management the income of enterprise are probed in the article. Grounded suggestion in relation to the policy of management an income on the enterprises of Ukraine.

Voroshilo V.V.
Globalization the economy and its influence on finances of households
In the article influence of globalization of economy is investigational on finances of households through realization by them financially-point-of-sale operations, motion of factors of production, financial,credit and currency operations. Influence of globalization of economy is exposed through nano-, mikro- and macroeconomic level.

Dubyna M.V.
The current state of using the franchising in the financial services market
The current state of using the franchising in the financial services market were investigated and themain field it applying were determined.

Nekhaychuk D.V., Nekhaychuk J.S.
Monitoring and evaluation as a components of the budget program
It is shown the importance of a complex target program as a tool for solving problems at the regional and state level. The use of logic model program for compiling its efficient performance and measure its effectiveness. The authors give a specific list of the key issues for the evaluation of programs and itsparameters.

Tkachenko S.A.
Constituent element financial of business entities
The article examines the nature of financial security entities. Its principal components in terms ofinternal and external threats. Defined proposals to strengthen the financial security of the entities in thecurrent economic conditions of farming.

Tsugunyan A.M.
Reforming the local public expenditure by local authorities
Practical describes the theoretical aspects of the nature of local costs. The analysis of the dynamics, composition and cost structure of Ukraine, expenditures of the consolidated budget of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea in recent years. Identified problems and weaknesses in the field of fiscal relations, andpropose ways to increase efficiency and effectiveness in the use of budgetary resources at the local level.


Bolgar T.N.
Internal collection as effective mechanism of bad debt management in banking institutions
The problems of the return of bad debts in the banking institutions by internal divisions are discussed.Features of bad debts recovery in the Ukrainian banks during Hard Collection are analyzed.

Bondar A.P., Stoyanov L.A.
Using the tools of government regulation in the bank mortgage lending at Ukraine
The question of the use of instruments of state regulation of bank mortgage lending in Ukraine. Theattention to the need for improved tools Supports state mortgage market participants and identified waysto further development.

Kondrashova G.P.
The international experience to implement the scheme (models) of mortgage lending and its use in Ukraine
In this article the international experience of the implementation in the present conditions of economicdevelopment of various schemes (models) of residential mortgages is analyzed, as well as the mechanism of their functioning in different countries. An estimation of their economic efficiency is also provided.

Rebryk Yu.S.
Factors that cause the origination and development of the bank liquidity crisis
Critical analysis of the bank liquidity factors is presented in the article. Bank liquidity crisis factorsare systematized simultaneously through their sources and object of influence. The mechanism of theirdestructive influence on the bank liquidity has been researched.


Derkach Y.V.
Synergistic approach to the formation of the investment policy of the enterprise
Studied the theoretical basis for the formation of the investment policy of the company on the basis of synergy.

Economics & management

Vorobyov Yu.N., Bekirova S.E.
Theoretical questions of economic development in the sanatorium-resort complex
The questions of economic development of sanatorium-resort complex of Ukraine are probed in the article. It is well-proven that on the modern stage of economic development of sanatorium-resort complex does not answer the world’s demands.

Belopolska T.V.
Instruments of effective management structural subdivisions in integrated entities real sector of economy
On the basis of research leading instruments of management by the enterprises of the real to the sector economy, features of realization principles corporate management in a domestic economy, approachesare improved to forming of the effective system, which found the reflection in construction of budget ofcorporate management by the financial resources enterprise.

Vorotincev V.A.
Improvement the processes of estimation the personnel in the enterprises of housing and communal economy
The current state of housing and communal services are analyzed in the article. It was investigated the theoretical basis and personnel management, the scheme of assessment staff and guidelines to improvethe management of human resources.

Medved’ V.J., Sigua V.T.
A role of innovative infrastructure of support of enterprise is in regional development (on example of industrial cities)
In the article the role of regional policy, innovation focused on the formation and development ofhigh-tech small businesses justified. A specific model of an innovative infrastructure to support complexbusiness entities large industrial cities is investigated.

Plakhotnik T.A.
Methods of management expenses in the conditions of network economy
Methods are developed management charges which will provide profitability of activity of enterprise due to the decline of unit cost and will promote the level of competitiveness in the conditions of networkeconomy.

Shamanska N.V.
Employment policy and analysis of labor market tendencies in Ternopil region in the conditions of social and economic transformations
The peculiarities of forming the national labor market are determined. The author analyzes modern conditions of Ternopil’s region labor market and key factors that influence its forming are shown. The problems of national labor market are evaluated and basic tendencies of their solving nowadays areoffered.