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Scientific Bulletin:
Finance, Banking, Investments.
2012 4 (17


Vorobyova E.I., Vorobyov Yu.N.
The theory and practice of financial and credit  relations  in Ukraine
In the article the theoretical and practical questions of financial and credit | relations are investigatedin Ukraine. Methodological basis research of financial and credit| relations are grounded.

Belopolska T.V.
The methodological approach to identify financial risks in the sphere of national economic management
The theoretical and methodological basis of financial risk identification is examined as well asassessment and reduction in the negative impact of entities’ financial risks to improve the financialstrength of these entities.

Butyrina V.N.
The analysis of organizational and legal forms of insurance activity Realization
The article considers the differences of the organizational and legal forms of insurance activity realization in Ukraine, The Russian Federation and The Republic of Belarus.

Voroshilo V.V.
The financial risks of households: their core and classification
The core of household financial risks is expounded in the article. The factors, which determine these risks are considered. The classification of financial risks of household is made and the methods of financialrisk removal are offered according to separate types of financial risks.

Lunyakov O.V.
The structural model of financial market cyclicity
The structural model of financial market cyclisityis is developed be the author. It is based on the extraction of interconnections between the main segments of financial market. In order to identify thesources of shocks which are formed in financial market particular criteria are offered.

Vorobyov Yu.N., Evstafyeva I.S.
The theory and practice of surface transport insurance
In the article the theoretical and practical questions are probed concerning surface motor vehicleinsurance in Ukraine. The main measures are formulated to solve the problems of motor vehicle insurance.

Vodolazska .
The evolution and genesis of the insurance concept
In the article the main aspects of evolution and genesis insurance are researched. It is shown the historical insurance development and determination of insurance rates. The development of insurance inUkraine is also provided.

Demchenko I.V.
The financial safety of the agrarian enterprises
The article shows the core and conditions due to which the financial safety of agrarian enterprises is appeared. The main aspects of this category are given. The systematic approach towards the formationand financial safety provision is realized. To assess financial safety of the agrarian enterprises the special technique is offered. The current conditions of agrarian business in Zaporozhye area of Ukraine areidentified by recently conducted research. Research of current state of agrarian business in the Zaporozhye area of Ukraine is conducted.

Sitshayeva L.Z.
An evaluation of the taxation impact on the effective activity of enterprises  in construction complex in Ukraine
In article the evaluation of the taxation impact on the effective activity of enterprises construction complex of Ukraine is carried out. As an indicator of the construction enterprise efficiency the author defines the indicator of net profit. The taxation impact on the net profit indicator of construction enterprises is evaluated by using the statistical methods of factorial analysis such as graphic method and the method of correlation analysis.


Bondar A.P., Melnik S.S.
Securitization of mortgage loans as a method of increasing liquidity of the bank
In the article the theoretical principles of financial assert securitization are considered, as well as the approaches to the definition of the term. The types of assets, that can be securitized, are marked. The attention is drawn to the necessary improvement in the mechanism of mortgage loan securitization in Ukraine and the ways of its further development.

Tarasov I.
The segmentation of clients in the development system of bank deposit policy
The core and role of client segmentation are determined in the development system of deposit policy, as well as conditions due to which the allocation of a segment occurs. According to the data of financialstatement the main approaches are summarized towards accounting segmentation of bank depositors. The necessities to segment clients strategically are determined. The principal criteria of marketingsegmentation are spotlighted, which regards to the corporate clients and individual person, taking intoaccount their lifecycle and periods of changes. The methodical approach is offered to identify the client target groups by deposit operations.

Zemlyacheva O.A.
Economic and legal principles of setting up supermarkets by bank and insu- rance business
In the article the processes of bank integration and insurance business are analyzed. The main reasons and pre-conditions of these processes, which have passed through the foreign markets of financial services,are defined. The special features of their display at the domestic market, are also determined. The economicand legal bases are indicated to create financial supermarkets by bank and insurance business, taking into account the norms of domestic financial and bank law.

Mogylko L.V.
The credit ratings of Ukrainian government  bonds and factors of their improvement
The article examines the main features of sovereign credit rating appropriation by international rating agencies. The recent credit ratings of Ukrainian government bonds are indicated. The main factors ofobtaining such ratings are indicated. The influence on sovereign credit rating are determined and basicdirections are defined to increase Ukrainian sovereign credit ratings.


Bilonog T.V.
The basic directions of investment brewery companies in Ukraine
In the article it is analyzed the conditions of Ukrainian investment breweries. The investment projects, which have been implemented by the major beer market players, are investigated. Their main directionsof investment activity are also defined.

Zekiryaeva E.A.
Methodological  aspects how to form and realize the strategy of investment de- velopment in the regions
The methodological aspects of studying the investment development of region economy are systematized. The modern structurally — logical chart is formed to develop and realize the investmentdevelopment strategy of a region.

Economics & management

Blazhevich O.G., Sokolov I.V.
Management of business activity
In the article the definition of the concept business activity’s considered. The key parameter: operating cycle is defined, as well as the factors affecting the formation of the operating cycle. The recommendations are given for more efficient use of key features in the operating cycle of enterprises.

Sevka V.
The theoretical and methodical bases of forming social housing facilities in the regions
The article considers regulatory, organizational and financial aspects of the social housing facilities in the regions. Theoretical approaches are systemized to determine the nature of social housing facilitiesand its characteristics. The estimation of available methodological approaches is conducted to plan socialhousing facilities. The suggestions for changes such approaches are developed, on the basis of retuningfunds invested in social housing facilities in the regions.

Sukhina A.
The reformation of housing and communal services: high-quality aspect (on the example of the heating supply enterprises in the Donetsk area)
The modern conditions of heating supply industry are examined in the context of functioning market relations. The possibility is probed how to construct the effective structure of enterprises’ funding sources in heating economy, taking into consideration the crisis in the sector of housing and communal services. Some transformations, which must occur in the industry, are also suggested. They are directed on  the creation of effective organizational and financial mechanisms to reform and modernize all housing and communal services. Furthermore related to the priority direction development — bringing investments in a communal sector is also offered. This in turn will be contributing in solving the problems of energy safety in Ukraine.

Nadvorna G.G.
The profitability and liquidity impact on the economic potential in tourism sphere
In the article the analysis is carried out on how to use the economic potential of enterprises in tourist recreational sector effectively, taking into account the interaction of liquidity and profitability qualitativevalues. The research is carried out on the qualitative assessment of liquidity and profitability unitsindicators, using the examples of 15 enterprises in different Ukrainian regions. It is also defined theeconomical priority of controlling the effective use of enterprises’ economic potential.