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Scientific Bulletin:
Finance, Banking, Investments.
2012 3 (16


Vorobyova E.I.
Fund market of Ukraine: modern tendencies
Modern progress of fund market of Ukraine trends are probed in the article. It is determined that instability offunctioning of fund market is the result of influence of world financial market and insufficient development of national economy.

Kalambet S.V., Galchenko O.S., Kalambet K.N .
Modern conditions of the insurance market of Ukraine and problems of its development
The propose of the research is insurance development problem and the insurance market analysis highlight ofUkraine. Significant points and issues which affected the development of the Ukrainian insurance market.

Azizov G.S., Prozor S.V.
Directions and measures of the Ukrainian pension system reformation in indices
The peculiarities of the Ukrainian pension system reformation and measures for the achievement of enhance-
able efficiency of pension reform are examined.

Grabchuk O.N.
The influence of the financial instruments of the state on the sector of nonfinancial corporations
In the article are described basic financial instruments influencing on the sector of not financial corporations. Isdescribed the dynamics of quantitative descriptions of these instruments. Are offered the ways of strengthening of effectiveness of influencing of financial instruments on the sector of not financial corporations.

Zakharova N.
Estimation of financial firmness of agrarian enterprises
Methodical approaches in relation to the estimation of financial firmness of enterprises are reflected in thearticle. The analysis of financial resources structure of enterprises of industry and agrarian sector is conducted in the conditions of financial — economic crisis. The basic indexes of financial firmness are expected for the row ofagricultural enterprises. Necessity of account of specific of agrarian enterprises for providing of them financial firmness are grounded.

Kogut I.
Providing of social and economic development of ruralareas in the current conditions
In the article socio-economic development of rural territories status is studied on the modern stage. Going is examined near determination of concept «rural territory». The analysis of the financial providing of development ofrural locality is conducted. An estimation is given to the changes that happened in composition the profits of budgets of local self-government in obedience to the new release of the Budgetary code. A necessity and going are examinednear carrying out administrative-territorial reform. Directions of providing of socio-economic development of rural territories are formed in current conditions.

Nikolayeva .
Local taxes and fees in the light of the adoption of tax code of Ukraine
In the article the comparative analysis of the «old» and the current system of local taxation is performed. Dyna- mics of indicators of the implementation of local taxes and fees in the Donetsk region in general and in the city of Makeyevka for the years 2005-2011 is shown. The estimation of the parameters and structure of local taxes and fees by types of payments is performed. Conclusions about the necessity of introduction in action of the tax on realproperty, other than land, and strengthening of the control over the collection of other fees are made.

Vorobov Yu.N.
Financial providing of development of sanatorium-resort establishments
The science and practical principles of the financial providing of functioning and development of sanatorium- resort establishments of Ukraine are providing the article.

Zemlyacheva O.A., Savochka L.S.
Classification of financial risks and methods to reduce them
In the article there are the studied concepts, essence of financial risks, their classification on separate criteria. The existing in scientific literature types of methods of decline of financial risks is brought and their systematizedclassification is expounded. The additional methods of decline of financial risks which allow better to take into account the specific of activity of separate enterprises are offered.


Pantielieieva N.N.
Islamic banking: essence, innovations and regulation
Islamic banking modern international development trends, distribution, acceptance and regulation are considered in the article. The Islamic financial instruments as the innovations at the level of national banking systems are described.

Chorna O.M.
Complex of economic references of competitiveness of bank business
In the article the theoretical going is grounded near determination of complex of key economic descriptions ofcompetitiveness of bank business, that will be instrumental in perfection of mechanism of accumulation and func- tioning of bank capital in Ukraine in the conditions of changing institutional environment of bank stock accumulation, that will allow bank institutes to save and strengthen positions on the different segments of market of financial services, and also to set and save stable profitable customer relations and by contractors in the conditions of overcoming of the crisis phenomena and their consequences.

Balyakin D.V.
Construction of the rating assessment using neural networks
The article presents the results of the banks’ rating by use neurocyte’s network model clustering (maps Ko- honen). Rating assessment compared with calculations by the method Kromonova. Described the benefits of integrated assessment.


Shamanska O.S.
The essence and peculiarities of population savings in the conditions of economy market transformations
The essence and peculiarities of households’ savings in Ukraine are determined. The author describes types andforms of savings in the conditions of economy market transformations. The motives and factors that influence modern saving process are evaluated. In the investigation the priority directions of intensification the financialbehavior of domestic households nowadays are offered.

Economics & management

Makedon V.V.
Formation of competitive advantages transnational corporations in international business
The article examines the question of creation and realization of competitive advantages of multinational corporations due to expansion of the systems of investing, corporate building, receipt of advantages on foreign markets. The modern features of process of receipt of competition advantages are certain.

Bekirova S.E.
Increasing of efficiency functionality and developing of the health resort
In the article we study the issue of increasing efficiency of functionality and developing of the health resort. We are offer activity of increasing efficiency of functionality and developing of the health resort. Determine of contentof the efficiency and its estimation in the resort complex. We are offer the model of the increasing efficiency and developing health resort complex.

Zhernovaya E.V.
Interventionism as basis of regional investment processes adjusting
Conception of local investment interventionism as basis of public regional investment policy forming is offered in the article.

Karpova T.S.
A role of outsourcing in the increase of the co mpetitiveness of small enterprises
Outsourcing of business-process is relatively the new phenomenon for the Ukrainian economy, which is using in the different spheres of enterprises activity. In the article it is shown the role of outsourcing in the increase ofcompetitiveness of enterprises, his kinds, and also positive and negative sides in the process of application.