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Scientific Bulletin:
Finance, Banking, Investments.
2012 2 (15


Vorobyova E.I.
Financial safety on micro- and macrolevels
The article is devoted the research of financial safety on micro- and macrolevels. It sets that on financial safety influences considerable quantity of factors, which are necessary to take into account economic subjects and realization of financial policyof the state in the process of financial and economic activity.

Kulinskaya A.V.
Development of investment possibilities of the financial and credit mechanism of state administration by subjects of the national economy
In article investigated features of the development of investment possibilities of the financial and credit mechanism of stateadministration of national economy as one of main directions of the development of national economy in period of the financialinstability and developed recommendation on the improvement of investment climate with the purpose of strengthening of theinnovative development of subjects of the management of Ukraine.

Ukrainska O.A.
The model of optimization of cash flows of the enterprise
The article proposed a model for optimization of cash flows on a basis of correlation-regression analysis, which facilitatessynchronization and balancing of cash flows over time.

Uskov I.V.
Conception of forming of fiscal policy in the conditions of development of system of local finances
In the article integral conception is offered on development of local fiscal policy of territorial education in the conditions of transformation of the system of local finances. The stages, strategic and tactical aims, general algorithm of creation of effective local fiscal policy on the modern stage of construction of the grounded system of budgetary-tax relations of public and localorgans of power, are selected.

Solomina A.
The functioning of the companies on management of actives: world experience and domestic Practice
The economic scheme of functioning of the companies on management of actives is formalized, the dynamics of indicatorsof their development and placing is analyzed, the estimation of a condition of introduction in Ukraine global standards ofinvestment activity and Instructions of EU regarding institutes of joint investment is given. The recommendations aboutimprovement of the domestic legislation which will stimulate development of activity of institutes of joint investment and thecompanies on management of their actives are developed.

Bulavinets V.M.
Evaluation of efficiency charges of local budgets of social purpose: theoretical aspects
Generalized theoretical approaches to evaluation of efficiency charges of local budgets of social purpose. It is considered existing evaluation indexes efficiency social charges on local budgets and it is offered the expansion of their enumeration.

Vykidanec I.
The features of financial activity of enterprises of consumer cooperation
An estimation of potential of consumer co-operation in overcoming of financial crisis is given. The specific features ofactivity of the system of consumer co-operation in the conditions of adaptation to the market environment are generalized, andalso their influence on organization of finances and financial activity is defined. Factors which strengthen and weaken thefinancial competitiveness of consumer companies are exposed.

Vorobyov Yu.N., Blazhevich O.G.
Theoretical bases of financial estimation of business
The questions of financial estimation of business are probed in the article. Approaches are analyzed to the estimation ofbusiness. The terms of leadthrough of business estimation are certain.


Bondar .P., Isaeva ..
Bank resources as source of mortgage credit
The question of forming of bank resources as sources of the mortgage crediting is considered. Attention is accented on thenecessity of improvement the mechanism of forming resource base for mortgage credits and selected ways him subsequentdevelopment.

Tkachuk N.M.
Bank assets securitization: its typical kinds and peculiarities of realization
Peculiarities of the main kinds of bank assets securitization have been examined. The stages of its realization have beeninvestigated. Advantages, disadvantages and impediments of realization of domestic bank’s assets securitization in modernconditions of market development have been focused on.

Nosachova I.
The influence of financial crisis on taxation of income of commercial banks
An estimation is given to the norms of Internal revenue Code of Ukraine, which regulate the question of taxation of incomeof commercial bank. The mechanism of forming of the deferred tax obligations and deferred tax assets is considered. Thedynamics of profits is analyzed, charges of banks, including on forming of insurance backlogs and income tax in the conditionsof financial crisis. The recommendations on the improvement of mechanisms of taxation arrived administration of tax is grounded.

Economics & management

Efremov A.V., Malakhova V.V.
Method of gross intramunicipal product calculation (GIP)
The method of calculating Gross intramunicipal product based on the production approach is offered. Specificity ofIntermediate consumption (IC) determination in different section of economy is represented.

Gelyuh O.
Basic principles of management of sustainable development social-economic processes in the agro-industrial sphere
The principles of sustainable development, socio-economic processes in the agricultural sphere, given their characteristics and conditions of use.

Kochetkova N.V.
Estimation of economic development of Crimea
The article carried diagnostics economic development of Crimea. As the components of assessment proposed to allocateindicators of investment activity, innovation activity, branch structure of the economy of the region.

Semikina .V.
Foreign experience of regulating non-profit institutions
This article explores the peculiarities of the legal status of nonprofit organizations abroad. Considerable attention is given tononprofit organizations in the case law (USA, UK), as well as in continental countries (codified) law. Considered basiccharacteristics of non-profit institutions sector.

Bekirova S.E.
Crimea health-resort complex development regulation areas evolution
The article is devoted to improving the regulation of Crimea health-resort complex development. We consider the developmentregulation and the development of health-resort complex regulatory areas evolution concept.

Holubka V.
European regionalizing: problems and perspectives for Ukraine
Problems and perspectives for Ukraine because of participation in European region and transborder cooperation are examinedin the article. The author throws light upon the role of created European regions in financial, economic, educational, social lifeof the union participants and also describes priority directions of such cooperation.

Palamarchuk V.V., Akopova V.G.
Ways to improve quality management products machine-building enterprises
In a scientific paper presents significant advantages in the proposed model to improve methods of quality control, which canserve as a tool to improve the machine-building enterprises of Ukraine in the context of globalization and competition.

Scientific reports of young scientists

Koslenko H.G.
Defence of rights for households as subjects of credit legal relationships in Ukraine
There were allocated the basic problems protection of physical persons as subjects of legal credit relations. There wereaddressed the issues of legal regulation banking lending of physical persons and based on practice application of investigatecategories of civil and banking rights proposes actions, witch forwarded on integrated regulation of dedicated problems.

Kosmachevskaya N.Y.
Deposit insurance fund as an alternative to the deposit guarantee
The article is devoted to comparative analysis of assurance system by Fund Deposit Guarantee and service deposit insurancefor insurance companies

Leonova A.S.
Introduction of skoring in Ukraine
The question of introduction of skoring is considered in Ukraine. Attention is accented on its necessity. The process of introduction of skoring is examined, the comparative analysis of the typical going is conducted to the estimation of solvency in the borrower and skoring approach, and also analysis of strong and weak sides the introduction of skoring by the Ukrainian banks.