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Scientific Bulletin:
Finance, Banking, Investments.
2012 1 (14


Vorobyov Yu.N.
Financial providing of activity in build enterprises
Theoretical and practical positions of the financial providing in build enterprises are investigational in the article

Vorobyova E.I., Blazhevich O.G.
Financially-build associations: way to financial stability of a build complex
In the article expedience of creation of financially-build associations is considered with the purpose of providing of financialstability of a build complex of country.

Bondar A.P.
State support the financial safety in enterprises of housing building
The questions of financial safety the build enterprises are considered. Attention is accented on the necessity of state supportthe financial safety of enterprises of housing building. The features of realization the government program of accessible habitationare rotined and the ways of its further development are selected.

Luchik V.
Local budgets as financial basis of development of regions
In the article the estimation of implementation of local budgets is given for 2000-2010, priority directions are certain inrelation to the improvement of financial policy of regions with the purpose of providing of their steady development

Prokopenko V.Yu.
Role and place of financially-credit tools in the real estate market
Article is devoted research of a role and a place of financially-credit tools in the real estate market. It is defined that the sphere of the finance influences the market of real estate not only through the financial market, but also through sphere of the state and municipal finance (taxes, the state and municipal credit).

Stoyan V.I.
Evolution of cash execution of budget in Ukraine
Essence of the different systems of cash execution of budget is exposed, the estimation of efficiency of their functioning is given in sovereign Ukraine. The special attention is spared the treasury system of cash execution of budget, which remains the effective mean of embodiment of financial policy of the state.

Chernaya O.M., Matsneva E.A.
The mechanism of management of enterprise profit in Ukraine
In article conceptual approaches to development of the mechanism of management by profit of the domestic enterprises areconsidered. On the basis of ordering of tendencies the list of problems of management of enterprise profit in Ukraine that hasallowed to offer improvements ways of the mechanism of management by enterprise profit in Ukraine in the conditions of overcoming of consequences of system crisis and reforming of national economy of Ukraine on a way to world financial space is defined.

Ovsiannykova I.A.
Financing Sources of public-private partnerships’ project
The article reviews the main financing forms of public-private partnership projects, their features. The contents of the main financing sources of infrastructure projects and its usage principles in overcoming consequences of the global financial crisis are clarified, current trends public-private partnership project financing are identified.

Tsikanovska N.A.
The essence and the features of circulation nonstate pension funds’ financial resources
In article it is presented the critical review of approaches existing in the economic literature to definition of concept «financialresources». It is found out features of circulation and author’s interpretation of essence of nonstate pension funds’ financialresources is offered.


Gorovets N., Gorovets M.
The main problems of the development of Ukraine banking sector
The problems of formation of Ukraine banking system are examined in the article. The main performance indicators ofbanks are analyzed; development problems of domestic banking sector are revealed. There are potential paths of development of effective, competitive banking sector of Ukraine are offered.

Tsytsyk K.Yu.
Prudential banking supervision based on system of risk assessment
The article is devoted to the research of banking supervision, as one of the key factors for financial stability’s ensuring in thecountry. The essence of effective banking supervision is defined. Particular attention is paid on the study of the economic substance of prudential banking supervision on the basis of system of risks’ assessment.


Tsopa N.V.
Features of assessment the investment attractiveness of regions
The formation of a system indicators that are the basis for a comprehensive assessment of investment attractiveness of theregion was grounded. Investment attractiveness of the region was considered on the principles of taxonomy, taking into accountindicators of investment attractiveness of enterprises, industries, regional economies and the state.

Veretennikova O.V.
Output statutes of application of approach of systems in the process of research of features of social investing
Expedience of application of approach of the systems is in-process well-proven in the process of research of features of the social investing. Maintenance of categories which system co-operation of subjects of the social investing is characterized by is certain, in particular those, which determine the structure of the system, its qualities, processes, surroundings.

Chernaya O., Kolodka K.
Concept of mechanism for state management of investment and innovation processes in Ukraine
The article identified the key issues in the public sector investment and innovation processes in Ukraine, based on what conceptual approaches to the mechanism of state management of investment processes in Ukraine in detail the main elements of the concept, including the principles, purpose, objectives, methods, tools and criteria for assessing effectiveness. The concept will facilitate the implementation of investment and innovative model of national economy and the welfare of our fellow citizens.

Krikun N.A.
Investment support of regional intellectual potential
Based on the study of scientific works of leading domestic and foreign scientists who deal with the reproduction of theintellectual potential of society and its individual components, analyzed the dependence of intellectual potential of the statefinancial support of the formation of its individual components. Held cross-correlation-regressive analysis of the relationshipbetween the cost of scientific and technological sphere regions of Ukraine and the volumes of scientific and technical papers,whose results demonstrate the close relationship between the selected indicators in most regions of Ukraine.

Economics & management

Momot A.I., Martynyuk E.S.
The integrated systems of management are a step to the increase of competitiveness of the Ukrainian enterprises
In the article the state of introduction of the integrated systems of management and their influence is analyzed on the competitiveness of the Ukrainian enterprises. Reasons of lag of the Ukrainian enterprises are considered from world leaders, problem of the inculcated and operating systems of management of quality on enterprises, and also problems of management of quality at state level.

Bekirova S.E.
Theoretical bases the economic adjusting of development in recreational complex
The questions of the economic adjusting of development in recreational complex are probed in the article.

Scientific reports of young scientists

Konstantinova M.A.
Project financing of investment projects («Console LTD»)
Concepts «Investment project» and «project financing» are considered in the article, the types of the project financing arecertain, financing of investment project is analyzed and the method of financing of investment projects — project association isworked out.

Moskalova D.A.
Analysis of forming the income on building enterprise
In the article the value of income is considered in financially-economic activity of enterprise, worked out suggestion on theimprovement of forming of income on a building enterprise.

Ponomarenko E.A.
Financial reorganization in enterprise
This article examines the various definitions of financial reorganization of an enterprise, its methods and goals, analyze andevaluate financial and economic activity.

Rogozha N.A.
Prospects improve profitability of construction companies
Profitability — a key indicator of the company, showing how efficiently it operates. Profitability ratios are the maincharacteristics of financial and economic efficiency of the organization. Economic content of indicators of profitability is reducedto the profitability of the organization.

Seitvelieva E.R.
Financial management of enterprise in the conditions of threat bankruptcy
In article the financial condition of the enterprise is investigated, actions for improvement of a financial condition areconsidered, calculations of probability of bankruptcy and a way of an exit of the enterprise from financial crisis are carried out.