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Scientific Bulletin:
Finance, Banking, Investments.
2011 4 (13


Vorobyov Y.N.
Finances of household: modern paradigm
In the article probed essence finances of household coming from understanding of the modern financial system of the state.

Bondar A.P.
Financial state and financial safety build enterprises of Ukraine
The questions of intercommunication of the financial state and financial safety of build enterprises of Ukraine are explore in the article.

Goryn V.P.
Conceptualization of social guarantees in public finance theory
The existent conceptual approaches to the interpretation of essence and setting of social guarantees, their role are exposed in
socio-economic development of society. Signs of social guarantees classifications are offered, which specify on their intercommunication with social safety.

Potiy V.Z., Zhuravlyova O.Ye.
Economic essence the financial stability of insurance companies and feature of its determination
The paper analyzes the characteristics of the organization finances the insurance companies and other enterprises. The analysis of opinions of different scientists is accomplished in respect of essence of concept «Financial stability of insurance companies» andshows the author’s own view on this issue.

Rubtsova N.N.
Problematic aspects of agro-insurance in Ukraine
The article investigates the current state of insurance risks of agricultural production in Ukraine and the problems associatedwith the development of this type of insurance.

Chorna O.M., Baranova C.V.
Conceptual approaches to development of the finance of house-hold in economy of Ukraine
The article generalizes the specific lines of finances of households as a specific link of the financial system of Ukraine, determinesthe role of the household’s finance in the national economy of Ukraine. On the basis of it were offered the author’s conception of mechanism of the household’s finance in the conditions of national economy which will be instrumental in converting of modernhousehold into the active and influential subject of finances.

Blazhevich O.G.
Factors which influence on financial strength of build enterprises security
Factors which influence on financial strength of build enterprises security are investigational in the article. It is set that externaland internal factors have a different influence on the financial system of build enterprises, which creates different threats and risks. With the use of regressive-cross-correlation analysis the estimation of influence of internal factors is carried out on financial strength
of enterprise security.

Voroshilo V.V.
Estimation of financial safety of households and direction of its providing
In the article the estimation of financial safety of households is examined in the conditions of financial crisis and after a crisis period. Directions of providing financial safety of households are offered.

Mokrytska A.
Conceptualization of finances of health protection
In the article, going of domestic and foreign scientists is described near interpretation of essence of finances of health protection.Properties of public benefits and their interpretation are reflected by the known scientists — economists. The basic market insolvency are described in the grant of medical services. Investigational intercommunication of organization of finances of health protectionwith organization of finances of the state, financial model of development of its economy. Problems which arise up in the nationalized system of health protection are considered, where services get a population regardless of his solvency and to the market.

Fitas N.
The system of deposit insurance of Ukraine: present and future
Experience of functioning of world and domestic before crisis system of deposit insurance is considered in the article. Changesof activity of present system of deposit insurance of Ukraine in period of financial crisis is analyzed. Author proposes ways of improvement of organization of deposit insurance system in Ukraine.


Vozhzhov S.P., Khokhlov V.V.
Variation method of determination of norm of banks liquidity instantaneous and its optimization
The problem decision of optimization of setting of norms of bank liquidity on the basis of economic-mathematical design is examined in the article, in the context of the use of variation method of its regulation.

Vorobyova E.I.
Determination of credit-investment potential of banks of Ukraine
In the article determination of credit-investment potential of banks is carried out on the basis of aggregate of constituents ofcredit-investment potential. It is well-proven that part of banks of country did not realize it credit-investment potential.

Zablockij T.M., Druhova V.T.
The influence of the banking system on the leasing market development in Ukraine
The analysis of the banking system indexes influence on the Ukrainian leasing market is made in this article. Perspective directions of collaboration between banks and leasing companies are distinguished. Recommendations are worked out in relation of activation the leasing activity of the national commercial banks.

Zachosova N.
Features of the financial security of commercial banks in Ukraine
Article reveals peculiarities of the modern system of financial security in domestic commercial banks. It gives the analysis ofmethods of rating banks and established a list of indicators that agencies are taken into account when ranking banking institutions.A detection element is to consider rating the level of financial security of the commercial bank and a high rating assessment — oneof the indicators of good financial safety agencies.

Solovyov V.I.
Current state of the banking security of Ukraine
In this article reveals the essence of the term of «banking security of state». Have been analyzed the main indicators of financialstability the banking sector of Ukraine. An estimation the current level of the banking security of state, in accordance with the
Method of calculating the level of economic security of Ukraine.

Dubovyk S.
Role and place market investment banking services in a space of inter-market interaction
Article deals with the provisions of theoretical and methodological synthesis of investment banking services market, includingits practical role in the processes of social reproduction. The author grounded functional and institutional separation of investmentbanking services market, and defined the key mechanisms for its interaction with other segments of the financial market on the onehand, and the real economy sector, on the other. Based on the structural approach it was developed the authors’ definition of thestudied market, formulated a vision for further scientific research.

Samsonov M.I.
Prospects for improvement of banking supervision in Ukraine
The paper analyzes the key provisions of the modern theory and practice of banking supervision, propositions and strategicfoundations of international regulatory bodies in their possible application by national regulator with the aim of improvement ofsupervision of credit institutions in Ukraine.


Tsopa N.V.
Methods of assessing the investment attractiveness of industrial enterprises: advantages, disadvantages, especially for contemporary applications
The existing methods for evaluating the investment attractiveness of enterprises have been investigated. A comparative analysis of methods for assessing investment attractiveness was made. A modified algorithm for estimating the investment attractiveness ofenterprises with the method of summarizing the group of coefficients proposed

Scientific reports of young scientists

Bachinska O.M.
Approaches to determination of cost the enterprise
This article explores the notion of the value the enterprise, as well as provides various methods of estimation the cost of the enterprise, discussed the advantages and disadvantages of each method.

Gavrilova T.V.
Management financial safety in enterprise
A concept «The financial safety» is analyzed in the article, indexes which negatively influence on financial safety in enterpriseare certain, the chart of management financial safety is offered and the analysis of financial safety is conducted on the example in the build enterprises.