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Scientific Bulletin:
Finance, Banking, Investments.
2011 3 (12


Vozhzhov A.P., Cheremisinova D.V.
About Ukraine economic growth possibilities
There are considered the basic prerequisites defining prospects of national economic progress, and possible waysof financial maintenance of stable economic growth of Ukraine

Vorobyov Yu.N.
Role of financial resources of business entities
Theoretical research of role of financial resources of business entities is carried out in the article. The substantive provisions of intercommunication of financial resources and capital of business entities are grounded.

Savchenko K.V.
Experience of the Russian Federation in creation of a stabilization fund and possibility of its using in Ukraine
A paper examines an experience of the Russian Federation in implementing the policy of financial developmentstabilization and evaluation of possibilities for its using in Ukraine to solve the tasks of anti-crisis regulation. It was defined the features of a Stabilization Fund for a specific purpose in the world. It was analyzed the basic stages ofevolution of the Stabilization Fund in the Russian Federation. It was suggested a number of possibilities for implementation in Ukraine of the experience of the Russian Federation in stabilization funds formation.

Cherna O.M., Matsneva O.O.
Conceptual going of development the finances of subjects manage in Ukraine
The article substantiates the author’s conception of the mechanism of development finance of business entities inUkraine. On the basis of systematic trends were found to be problematic development finance business entities. This allowed us to offer a number of areas to improve finance business entities in overcoming the consequences of asystemic crisis and reform the national economy of Ukraine.

Yatsuh O., Dmytrov M.
Problems and prospects of development of non-government pension providing
The analysis of introduction of the system of the unstate pensional providing in Ukraine is done, the positive sidesof action of the system are exposed, recommendations on the increase of social defense of workers of agricultural enterprises are developed.

Vorobyov Yu.N., Blazhevich O.G.
Essence of financial safety in enterprise
Essence of «financial safety in enterprise» is examined in the article. The theoretical analysis of problem is conducted and determination of «financial safety of enterprise» is formulated.

Ivko A.
Organizational-economic mechanism for functioning and managing of the company`s capital structure
The article develops organizational-economic mechanism for functioning and managing of the company’s capital structure as separate economic category, defines its main elements and proofs relationships between them. The authorsuggests to separate developed organizational-economic mechanism for functioning and managing of the company’s capital structure from the general mechanism of capital management.

Kostornoy S.V.
Methodical approaches for determination of capital management efficiency in agricu ltural enterprises in the conditions of leasing relations
The features of capital management in agricultural enterprises in the conditions of leasing relations are considered. Methodical approaches for determination of capital management efficiency in agricultural enterprises in the conditions ofleasing relations are grounded.

Prozor S.V.
Model of architectonics of mutual relations of insurance company and borrower in insurance of credit risk
The features of architectonics of organization of insurance of credit risk and model of architectonic connection ofmutual relations of insurer and insure (borrower) are Examined at insurance of credit risk.

Rud’ O.V.
World experience of the use the income tax in the system of the tax adjusting
The world’s post-crisis trends of taxation revenue usage in the tax regulation are analyzed. The priorities of the mechanism of corporate income tax taking into account the economies of the countries are identified and summarized.


Vasil'eva T.A., Onishchenko V.V.
State investment-innovative banks: problems and prospects of functioning
The article describes the essence, purpose and specific of investive-innovative public banks, producing their structure.Was systematized the theoretical basis of the role of banks by providing financial innovation. We considered theinstitutional mechanisms of specialized investive-innovative public banks. Was founded the contemporary position on the banks of Ukraine as an innovative way of development to enhance the functioning of it.

Goncharova M.L., Turchenyuk T.V.
The use of motivational mechanisms in the bank
The paper considers mechanisms for regulating the effective motivation of bank staff and the formation of the individual psychology of behavior (employee) of the bank and how motivational management.

Kotliarevskyi O.V.
Impact of the competitive environment in the banking system of Ukraine on pricing in banks
In the article, level of concentration and competition in the banking market of Ukraine has been investigated, the calculation of basic indicators to determine competitive market situation have been performed and impact of competition in the banking system on level of price of banking services has been defined. The study makes conclusion about highlevel of competition in the banking system of Ukraine, about impossibility of particular bank to influence market and set high prices and about orientation of Ukrainian commercial banks on general market prices in the pricing on its services.


Vorobyova E.I.
Increase of investment activity of bank institutes of Ukraine
There are investigational possibilities of increase of investment activity of bank institutes of Ukraine in the article.The state is analyzed investment activity of banks. The author determined direction growth of investment possibilitiesof bank institutes of Ukraine.

Zakharova N.
Problems of estimation of investment attractiveness of agrarian enterprises
Necessity investment attractiveness estimation of enterprises is grounded in the article. Comparison of operatingmethods of investment attractiveness estimation is conducted. Necessity of particular branch belonging of enterprise account of at determination of investment attractiveness of enterprise is grounded.

Zhernovaya E.V.
Estimation of regional investment risks
The improved methodology of estimation of regional investment risk is reasonable and approved through the estimation of vector of probabilities of scenarios of realization of investment projects in a region. The scale of regional investment risk estimation is formed on the basis of analysis of correlation of scenarios probabilities.

Economics & management

Spiridonov V.
Social institutions in elemental transition period of the CIS
Economy of countries of the CIS, forming single economic space, a transitional period experiences until now. In
large part the rates of its development are determined the state of social institutes. One of important factors is a trust ofpopulation legislative and executive power.