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Scientific Bulletin:
Finance, Banking, Investments.
2011 2 (11


Kurmaiev P.Y.
Analysis of theoretical and practical aspects of the financial support of local government
The article explored the theoretical aspects of the financial support of local government. The author analyzes the structure of revenues of local budgets in Ukraine. Attention focuses on the major issues of local budgets in the current development of economy of our country.

Mishchyk O.
Financial support for economic growth: a theoretical aspect
This article studies theoretical aspects of forming the system of financial support for the economic growth, classifies its structuralelements, specifies and distinguishes the essence of sources, tools, forms and methods of financial support.

Nikiforova  L.O., Dvornikov  N.E., Shiyan A.A.
Calculation  of financial and economic efficiency for institutions of state regulation in Ukraine
The problem on financial and economic efficiency of permitting and registration institutions for government regulation in Ukraine a market economy is formed. As part of the game-theoretic model for optimizing the financial performance of company’s it is shows that government regulation is always reduces the number of manufactured goods (services). It is noted the fact that there are the products (services), whose production, in terms of long-term growth of the population, must be smaller than required by the market equilibrium. It is shown on the example of house building that government regulation should be repealed, but only when given in the article claims.

Orlenko H.V.
A management  of Ukraine national debt is in the conditions of disbalances of world economy
Investigational the modern state of national debt of Ukraine in the conditions of disbalances of world economy. The features of promissory policy are examined and measures are offered on the improvement of competitiveness of national economy.

Sydor I.P.
Organization of activity and financial providing of professional-technical  establishments in Ukraine
The organization of activity and structure of financial sources of professional-technical establishments in Ukraine are considered and analysed in the article. The disadvantages of functioning of professional-technical establishments are revealed and directions of its improvement are set.

Lankova J.V.
Financial streams in logistic activity of enterprise
In the article financial streams are investigational in logistic activity of enterprise. Intercommunication of financial streams isanalysed with a production, transport, delivery, sale and other economic functions of enterprise. Factors that influence at choicenecessary instruments and management methods financial streams are considered.

Prudnikov A.O.
Basic principles of functioning of credit unions of Ukraine are in modern terms
Actual problems and characteristics of credit unions in Ukraine. Approaches to the study of the functioning and application ofcooperative principles of credit unions in the domestic economic crisis.

Bekirova S.E.
Tax stimulation of socio-economic development of recreational region
The article is devoted to the improvement of mechanism of tax stimulation for socio-economic development of recreationalregion. This article tells about influence of different type of taxes on recreational region.

Maschenko E.
The problems of standardization of the financial reporting of subjects of man- agement of state sector
The experience of acceptance of international and national standards of record-keeping is generalized for a state sector, an accent is done on the financial reporting of budgetary establishments. The influence of reform of the system of record-keeping on efficiency of financial of state sector management is outlined.


Vovk V.Ya., Dmitrik Yu.V.
Providing of financial stability at the banking system in the condi- tions of crisis
The article deals with theoretical bases and the main approaches to securing of banking system financial sustainability in crisis conditions, and also analyses factors influencing it. The interrelation of the economic category with the stability, balance, reliabilitycategories has been specified.

Zemlyachev S.V.
Stages of development of resource base of commercial banks of Ukraine in 1992-2008 years
The analysis of development of resource base of commercial banks of Ukraine is conducted in the article, which three stages(1992-1994, 1995-1999, 2000-2008) are examined in the process of, each of which is characterized the certain level of developmentof economy, market mechanisms, macroeconomic and money-and-credit adjusting, bank a management and marketing in area ofbringing in of bank resources and by stability and quality of process of forming of bank resources on the whole.


Ivanova N.V.
Features of investment in development of industrial infrastructure in the restoration of the national economy
The paper analyzes the characteristics and conditions of investment in the development of production infrastructure in Ukraine. Particular attention is paid to studying the effect of infrastructure investment on economic growth. Assessed the degree of state regulation of investment processes in the national infrastructure complex and the possibility of attracting private capital.

Skopenko N.S.
Foreign direct investment in agroindustrial complex: advantages, disadvantages and risks
The article considers the current environment of foreign direct investment. It proves the need to create a favourable investment climate to enhance foreign direct investment, as well as substantiates the main motives that compel transnational companies to make direct foreign investments. Also the author defines the advantages and risks of foreign investment in the agribusiness sector and outlines the basic tasks of state influence on the increasing positive effects of penetration of transnational companies into the national economy.

Cherna O.M., Kravchenko M.A.
The mechanism of government control in innovative activity of management subjects in Ukraine
In the article author approach is expounded in relation to adjusting of innovative activity in Ukraine as conception of mechanism of government control of innovative activity of management subjects. Methods, forms and measures of state administration innovative activity of subjects in economic activity, are systematized. The offered conception will allow to harmonize economic interests of the state, regions and separate subjects of innovative activity in Ukraine.

Ivanishkina  Yu.A.
The factors of stability in economic  development  of an investment-build complex
In article the essence of stability of economic development of an investment-build complex is theoretically proved, its basicfactors.

Vorobets T.I.
The economic essence of financial investments Ukraine's stock market
The article is carried out a theoretical basis of economic essence of financial investments in the stock market. Invoked legallanguage financial investments and financial instruments. Reveals the current state of financial investment in the stock market.

Kalantai A.N.
Comparative description of methods of estimation of investment attractiveness
Basic attention in the article spared to possibilities and expediency of the use of method of fuzzy logic as a basic system ofsupport of decision-making in relation to bringing in of investments by an enterprise.

Shcherban O.
Estimation of investing efficiency on the enterprises of motor passenger transport
In this article, are defined the basic components of improvement of quality of motor transport transportations. Marked necessityof including economic, social and ecological indexes to the system of estimation of quality of transportations and economic efficiencyof investing of motor transport enterprises. The chart of estimation of investing offered by an author. The modern tendencies ofacceptance of investment decision foresee the necessity of account of all consequences of investing.

Economics & management

Bobarykina E.N., Lavrichenco A.A.
Perfection of methodology of management estimation by the enterprises of sanatorium-resort and tourist complex
A necessity of development of single approach to the method of estimation of management by enterprise of sanatorium-resorted and tourist complex is considered (SRTC). A method of conducting an estimation of management by enterprise of SRTC is offered, following which the higher financial management will be able to expose in good time the defects and develop directions (recommendations) on the improvement of efficiency of organization, stability of production and management in firm with the purpose of improvement of the enterprise functioning in the conditions of action of market regulators.

Uskov I.V.
Monitoring of effectiveness is in system of programmatic-having a special purpose method of planning
In the article essence and destinies of monitoring to effectiveness is certain in the conditions of introduction of programmatic- having a special purpose method of planning. The general chart of co-operation of components of the system of estimation of budgetary services is developed in the system of monitoring, basic directions of his action are certain in the conditions of the budgetary programming.

Tsyhanyuk N.
Eurologistics role in the formation of the logistic system of recreational regions in Ukraine
The article deals with the logistics system and recreational eurologistics; eurologistics proved important role in the creation of recreational logistics systems, and analyzes the current state of development of transport and logistics infrastructure in Ukraine.