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Scientific Bulletin:
Finance, Banking, Investments.
2011 1 (10


Uskov I.V.
Directions of development of programmatic-having a special purpose method of plan ning at local level
In the article the stages are determined and direction on becoming of programmatic-having a special purpose method of planning at local level in Ukraine. Complex measures are developed on development of programmatic- having a special purpose method of planning in the conditions of transformation of economy of Ukraine.

Khrapkina V.V., Krutushkina V.V.
Basic instruments of monetary and credit policy of Ukraine in modern conditions
The modern state, basic theoretical and practical aspects of monetary and credit policy of Ukraine is analyzed in the article. Basic instruments, which are used by the National Bank of Ukraine for the management of monetary policy, directed on stabilizing of the financial system of country are considered.

Komar T.V.
Financial aspects of the impact of inflation on economic growth
The article considers the main stages of economic development and inflation for years 1991-2010. Analyzed the factors that provoked growth of inflation, factors that promote or hinder economic growth. The dynamics of changes in gross domestic product, depending on changes in inflation rate. Identified financial aspects of the impact of inflation on economic growth.

Shkvarski M.Y.
The tax discrimination research in the taxation of the sanatorium-resort complex enterprises
In the article, the questions of factor dependence of «tax pressure» in organizations of sanatorium-resort complex are explored. Also, some signs of non-compliance with the principle of evenness in taxation of sanatorium- resort enterprises in accordance with the coefficient of the tax loading are uncovered and classified.

Shulyuk B.S.
Peculiarities of the budget planning and forecasting expenditures for social and cultural services in terms of economic transformations
The stages of formation and development mechanism of budget planning and forecasting Spending by social and cultural services. Tracked changes priorities of the state in providing public services in economic transformations. The necessity to improve the functioning of the mechanism mentioned in the context of solving problems related to inadequate funding for social and cultural services.


Puriy G.N.
The estimation of credit-investment banking riskiness in financial market of Ukraine
The technique for estimating the level of riskiness of credit-investment banking is proposed. The assessment and comparative analysis of banking riskiness in the financial market of Ukraine has been provided for certain groups of banks selected by total assets.

Radova N.V.
Priorities of consolidation banking capital in post-crisis period
The author searches into the role of merging and swallowing up as a method of consolidation of banking institutions for the formation of a highly capitalized banking system in Ukraine in the context of analysis and generalization of the chief trends in the process of merging and swallowing u in the world’s banking sector.


Veretennikova O.V., Bondarenko A.V.
System descriptions of investment market and their role in modern terms of economic development
Essence and basic descriptions of the system are considered in the article, system descriptions of investment market, feature of co-operation of his elements are certain - subjects of investment activity, and also influence ofco-operation of elements on forming of additional effect of functioning of subjects of investment process thatcan be applied in further activity of each of participants of investment activity.

Ezhakova N.V.
Analysis of the financial-credit providing of innovative activity of enterprises of food retail industry AR Crimea
The analysis of the financial-credit providing of innovative activity of enterprises of food retail industry ofAutonomous Republic Crimea is conducted in the article. An author is analyze different financial resources for realization of innovative processes, and also basic modern tendencies of financing of scientific and technicaldevelopment of the probed enterprises.

Nazarova L.V.
Development of investment processes is in agroindustrial complex of Ukraine: state, problems, prospects
The article is devoted a location and role of the foreign investing in development of agroindustrial complex ofUkraine, basic problems are certain. Development of industries of agroindustrial complex status is considered,the basic indexes of foreign trade agrarian products are given.

Igolkin I.V.
The features of formation of national innovation systems based on public-private partnerships in developing countries
The article analyzes the international experience and outlines the basic principles of cooperation between government, science and business to develop innovative field.

Latsyk H.M.
Optimization of structure of brief-case of mortgage securities is at the financial market of Ukraine
The method of determining an effective investment strategy investment funds in mortgage securities contractors economic relations.

Semikina K.V.
Problems of investment agroindustrial complex of Ukraine
Annotation. The article made an analysis of the situation to attract investment in agriculture and improve theinvestment climate, regional characteristics were studied to attract investment in agriculture in Ukraine. Thespecificity of the agricultural sector, revealed the problem of attracting investments in agriculture and the main factors causing them. In addition, describes the main conditions for creating a favorable investment climate inthe economy in general and in the agricultural sector in particular.

Economics & Management

Sydoruk S.V.
Some aspects of the development of market relations in the hospitality business in the region
In the article the nature of hotel business development for the region defined objects and subjects of themarket, analyzes the range of hotel services in the region.