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Scientific Bulletin:
Finance, Banking, Investments.
2010 № 4 (9


Vorobyov Y.N.
Budget and taxes: intercommunication and contradictions
In the article intercommunication and contradiction is investigational between a budget and taxes.Intercommunication of taxes and budget has historical roots. Contradictions between a budget and taxesincreases in connection with growth of influence of the state on socio-economic of развитее society.

Vorobyov Y.N., Sitshayeva L.Z.
Anticipation of tax revenue to the tax code of Ukraine
The article carried forecast of revenue budget-taxes in the context of the Tax Code of Ukraine. The analysis of the dynamics of real tax revenue, taking into account the price index and the performance ofplanned revenues for the main taxes.

Klimchuk S.V.
Finance state mechanism of the restructurisations regular in social economic development
Social economic development to propose the using effective state mechanism of the restructurisations regular in social economic development. Active role of states is a condition of the social economic development.

Blazhevich O.G.
Influence the level of liquidity on financial safety in enterprise
Essence of concept «financial safety» of enterprise is analyzed in the article. Connection is certain betweenliquidity and financial safety in enterprise. By the method of «sum of places», analytical and graphic methodthe integral index of liquidity is expected, as making financial safety in enterprise.

Staverskaya T.
The conceptions of the financial planning: macro- and microlevels
The necessity of concordance of processes of the financial planning on the different levels of nationaleconomy is proved, the stages of development of the financial planning are systematized, the experience of foreign countries on the indicative planning is generalized, the connection of the financial planning with prognostication and programming is specified, the comparative analysis of economic prognostication onmacro- and microlevels is conducted, the recommendation in relation to introduction of the indicative and strategic financial planning in practice of activity of the Ukrainian enterprises is developed.

Voroshilo V.V.
Financial conduct of households in the conditions of instability
In the article examined existent models and strategies of financial conduct of household. Within the framework of research the basic models of financial conduct are complemented a forming model. Financial strategies which will realize this model and their classification is offered are selected. The features of financialconduct of households are analyzed in the conditions of instability.

Zemlyacheva O.A., Savochka L.S.
Analysis of activity the fund of social security on temporal loss of ability to work in A.R. Crimea
In the article the results of the activity of the Fund of social security are analysed on the temporal loss ofability to work in AR Crimea. The basic lacks of implementation of budget of the Fund of social security areselected and borne suggestion on the improvement of the state of public welfare in the field of obligatory state social security.

Skalyuk R.V.
The quality of financial result of economic activities of industrial enterprise
Тhe author’s definition of essence of the concept of quality of financial result is offered. The objectivenecessity of introduction of this category in practice of management activities of enterprise is proved. Themain theoretical and methodical basis of using of the index of quality of financial result in the system of managing of economic activities of industrial enterprise have been substantiated.


Vorobyova E.I.
Optimization of credit-investment brief-case of banks
The problems of optimization of credit-investment brief-case of commercial banks are investigational inthe article. Approaches and models are developed for determination of optimum correlation of bank creditsand investments in composition a credit-investment brief-case. On the basis of economic-mathematical model and proper computer calculation an optimum betweenness is set by credits and investments incomposition a credit-investment brief-case for a concrete bank.

Vozhzhov S.P.
About structure of banking reserves on risks of operations of credit-investment character
The results of research of structure of reserves under operations of credit-investment character, fromposition of their homogeneity and stability, are examined as a potential source of growth of efficiency offunctioning of the banking system, that allowed an author to ground a necessity and vector of further researches with the purpose of his realization.

Koval S.
Priority directions of finances bank institutions of Ukraine development
The author investigates the definition «finances of bank institutions». In the article the dynamics of financial resources, incomes and charges of the domestic banking system is analyzed. The measures ofimprovement of bank institutions finances functioning are offered.


Zhernovaya E.V.
Extension of analytical tools for regional investment processes score
The dynamics of investment activity in Ukraine and its regions in recent years and its impact on the fixedcapital reproduction was analyzed. Developed and tested criteria for the score of investment adequacy intothe region’s economy in terms of fixed capital reproduction.

Economics & Management

Kulish E.A., Khimchenko A.N.
Formation’s features of the living standard of Ukrainian population
The summary: In article features of a condition and formation of a living standard of Ukrainian population are analysed. The analysis of conformity of national parameters of a living standard to the internationalsocial standards UNDP is lead. The role of the state and corporations in increase of population living standard in modern economic conditions is certain.

Makhnovskaya N.D., Spil'naya N.P.
Forming features postal-geographical cluster in Ukraine
The complex of problems is examined in the article that are concerned to the creation of postal-geographical cluster in Ukraine. activity of national postal services provider UGPPS «Ukrpochta» are analysed. Thedirections business is co-operation of partners of «Ukrpochta» are defined. The possibility of postal cluster creation for the increase of activity’s efficiency of its participants is grounded .