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Scientific Bulletin:
Finance, Banking, Investments.
2010 3 (8


Vorobyov Y.N.
Tax system of Ukraine: history of becoming and prospect of development
History of becoming and prospect of development of the tax system of Ukraine is investigational in the article. It is well-proven that the tax system of country gradually changes and perfected. It is possible one of the stages of development of the tax system to count development of the Internal revenue code and decision of him practical introduction.

Nekhaychuk D.V.
Perfection management of community property objects
Here we study the issue of financial autonomy of regions of Ukraine through the provision of qualitycontrol institution of communal property. An application of concessions schemes as a modern directions ofdevelopment of property relations. There are formulated proposals for the implementation of the principlesof efficient use of municipal property in order to diversify sources of financing for municipal infrastructure,harmonization of domestic and international standards in the areas of finance of local government.

Uskov I.V.
Estimation of tax potential of territories in the conditions of reformation of local finances
In the article basic methods are analyzed for the estimations of tax potential of territories, in international practice. Author approach is offered for the estimations of tax potential of regions of Ukraine in the conditions of transformation of local finances

Blazhevich O.G.
Finan safety in enterprises: determination the minimum of necessary level
Different interpretations of concept «Financial safety in enterprise» are analyzed in the article». The methods of determination the financial safety in enterprise are presented. The calculation of basic constituents of the financial safety in enterprise and combined integral index, determining financial strength of enterprise security is made.

Roganova G.
The norms setting of the circulating assets of the jeweller enterprise
The questions of the norms setting of the circulating assets of trading-production enterprise are considered. The norms and specifications of production stockpile, uncompleted production, prepared products, the duration of an operating cycle were calculated. An economic effect from the introduction of the circulating assets norms setting at an enterprise was defined.

Stahno N.D.
Financial potential as the resources transformation mechanism of the enterprises activity of a recreational complex
Various methods of the financial potential estimation are presented in the project and the questions connected with the solution of this problem in a context of the economic safety of enterprises of a recreational complex are considered.


Vorobyova E.I.
Estimation of credit-investment potential of bank institutes is in region
In the article the scientific going is offered near the estimation of credit-investment potential of bank institutes in a region. Indexes by which it is possible to expect the size of credit-investment potential of banks in a separate region are formed. On the example of two banks the proper calculations are done.

Dubina M.V.
The state and prospects of development the system of nonbanks mediators
The modern development of the system of nonbanks mediators in Ukraine was investigated. The measures, realization of which positively will influence on its functioning were offered.


Klimchuk S.V.
Government control of restructuring as indicator of socio-economic development
The main of the financial mechanism state regulars of the restructurisations is a process of social economics development.

Kuzhelyev M.A., Antonenko E.A.
Mechanisms of investment decisions in the system manage- ment corporation
The article describes the main approaches to investment decision-making in corporate governance. The quantitative risk assessment of investment projects and proposed mechanisms for investment decision-makingcorporation in the modern world. In addition, conducted a risk analysis of investment project.

Cherna O.M., Kravchenko M.A.
Features of swift innovations in company
The article defines the key factors of innovative activity acceleration of companies. The features of thedevelopment of innovative models of the company are disclosed (standard model with an average yield and with a relatively long period of achieving break-even as compared with the model of rapid innovation). Alldirections of forming of innovative strategy of the company are defined. It will create an additional value for innovation-oriented companies and consumers of their products, enhance innovation in the economy ofUkraine in general.

Economics & Management

Miroshnichenko E.V.
Realization the politics of active marketing is in control system by quality in enterprise
The process of realization of policy of the active marketing which is used for forming adjustment ofconsumer demand on educational services is considered in this article, receipts of information about thepotential users of educational services and directed on realization of principle ISO 9001:2008 «Orientation on an user».

Bekirova S.E.
Mechanism of stimulation in socio-economic development of region
In the article essence of concept is examined mechanism of stimulation of development of region. Aninvestment is considered, innovative, tax, ecological constituents of mechanism of stimulation. Donesuggestion on the improvement of operating mechanism of stimulation of socio-economic development of region.