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Scientific Bulletin:
Finance, Banking, Investments.
2010 2 (7


ashentsev A.I.
The theoretical approaches of formation net-rates of ecological insurance
The approaches of formation net-rates of ecological insurance are analyzed. Is revealed that in the modernperiod of time there is no uniform of view on her formation. The technique of account of this rate and mathematical approach of a rating of the ecological tariff is offered.

Vorobyov Y.N., Blazhevich O.G.
Financial safety in organizations of recreational sphere
Essence of financial safety of organizations of recreational sphere is investigational in the article. It is set that for organizations of recreational sphere the major condition of providing of financial safety is forming of even money stream during throughout the year. On the basis of analysis of financial state organizations ofrecreational sphere recommendations of relatively increase of their financial strength security are grounded.

Nekhaychuk D.V.
Effect on municipal property financial resources of the region
The article examines the main trends and possibilities of communal property rights in order to create the financial capacity of the region. There are proved the importance of income from real estate in the region in total revenues. There are draw conclusions about the need to develop modern methods of management ofcommunal property.

Nekhaychuk Y.S.
Effect of shadow economy in social and economic development
There are essence of the shadow economy and its impact on economic development. Their own analysis of the existing tax system and the role of the informal sector in this mechanism. There are draw conclusions about the possibility of reducing the share of «shadow» in the overall economic system.

Tumanova E.A.
Features of insurance the agricultural risks in foreign countries
In clause are analyzed features of insurance of agricultural risks in foreign countries, in particular, in the USA, Canada, Portugal, Spain and Russia. The expediency of application of experience of systems of thegiven kind of insurance in Ukraine is considered.

Uskov I.V.
Economic nature of budget, his functions
In the article investigated basic looks of scientists to understanding of essence of budget and his functions. Author approach is determined in understanding of budget as difficult multidimensional economic category; functions are specified executable a budget.

Voroshilo V.V.
Financial safety of household: theoretical essence
Theoretical essence of concepts «safety», «economic security», «financial safety» is examined in the article. The author going is grounded near a concept «Financial safety of household».

Demchenko I.V.
Strategic management of financial safety in the subject of managing
A role of strategic management by financial safety of the enterprise in with-time managing conditions is shown in given article. The basic conceptual questions of maintenance of financial safety of the subject of managing are resulted. The model of construction of system of strategic management by a finan-owl safetyof the enterprise is resulted.

Sitshayeva L.Z.
Taxes in the system of state regulation of entrepreneurial activity
In the article reveal essential mechanism of tax incentives for entrepreneurial activity, address the problemsof functioning tax system of Ukraine, offered the means of tax regulation in question support the sector of domestic entrepreneurship.


Vorobyova E.I.  
Determination of level  and  concentration  of  credit  investments  in  socio- economic system of the state
In the article research of directions and volumes of credit investments is carried out in the economy ofUkraine. It is set that a most volume of the bank crediting is on the real sector of economy and household. Developed suggestion on the increase of volumes of crediting of unfinancial sector of economy and household.

Sribnaya K.A.
Prospects of development the banks in Ukraine
The picture of modern activity of banks in Ukraine is given, ratings of the Ukrainian banks and bankswith a foreign capital are considered the facilities of legal and physical entities and prospect of development of bank institutes attracted on volume at the credit market of Ukraine certain.


Zhernovaya E.V., Frolov V.I.
Status and prospects of investment processes development in region of Ukraine
The concept of regional investment processes was updated and revealed its structure and mechanisms.The analysis of the dynamics and assess the current state of the investment processes in Ukraine was held.Suggested a promising direction of investment processes intensification through the development of public- private partnership on the basis of project finance.

Vorobets T.I.
The main instruments of financial investment and their use in the domestic stock market
The article carried a theoretical analyze financial investment tools, as their use in the domestic stockmarket. Invoked the legal formulation of concepts. A contemporary investment situation in the country.