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Scientific Bulletin:
Finance, Banking, Investments.
2010 1 (6


Efremov A.V.
Financial economic basis of local self-government
The problems of the financial providing the management of municipal organizations are consider. Principal reasons of forming the local budgets are exposed and the ways of perfection process the table of contents from a budget on the level of municipal organizations are offered.

Tumanova E.A.
Features of not state pension insurance in Ukraine
In clause are considered features of system of not state pension insurance in Ukraine. Problems and prospects of introduction of the given kind of pension insurance are analyzed.

Uskov I.V.
Economic nature of budget, his functions
In the article investigated basic looks of scientists to understanding of essence of budget and his functions. Author approach is determined in understanding of budget as difficult multidimensional economic category, functions are specified executable a budget.

Frolov V.I.
Tolling as a tool for working capital management of agricultural enterprises
The essence of tolling and the possibility of its use in the working capital management of agrarianenterprises are described. The algorithms use tolling for his client (tollinger) and contractor (processor) areformed. Performed testing of the algorithm tollinger for operations of grain tolling.

Voroshilo V.V.
Financial resources of households: essence and classification
Such concepts as «financial resources», «financial resources of households are specified in the article». The sources of forming the financial resources are considered. Criteria are selected and classification financial resources of households is offered.

Demchenko I.V.
Financial safety of the subject of managing: essence and occurrence conditions
Modern conditions of managing of the enterprises are resulted in given article. Theoretical approaches to category definition «financial safety» are shown. Features of such category are opened. Communication of financial risk and financial safety in modern managing conditions is shown. Division of financial safety of the enterprise on two subsystems is offered.

Vorobets T.I.
Necessity of financial investments in the conditions of market economy
The article carried a theoretical justification for financial investment in a market economy. Legal wording of financial invests. Reveals modern investment situation in the country.

Sitshayeva L.Z.
Tax system as a component of the economic development of the region
The article deals with the problems and ways of reforming the tax system of Ukraine in the context of economic development of its regions. The analysis of the draft Tax Code of Ukraine in terms of the impact of tax reforms on the economic situation of regions.


Vorobyova E.I.
Features of becoming and development of bank crediting are in Ukraine
In the article, becoming and development of the bank crediting is investigational in Ukraine. The basicfeatures becoming of the bank crediting are exposed. Exposed features of development crediting the lastyears. These features were promoted possibilities of the Ukrainian banks.

Vorobyov Y.N.
Analysis of the state crediting of financial institutes in socio-economic system of the state
In the article theoretic-systematic research of condition of financial institutes is carried out in the socio- economic system of the state. It is set that domestic financial institutes went out from a finances-economic crisis which negatively influenced on an economy. Most successes over coming the crisis phenomena were attained by bank institutes.

Sribnaya K., Sribniy V.
Modern progress of banks trends in Ukraine
Presentation is given about modern progress of banks of Ukraine trends, ratings of the Ukrainian banks and banks with a foreign capital are considered on volume common assets, volume of the credit brief-case, at the credit market of Ukraine certain the financial result of bank activity in Ukraine, and prospect ofdevelopment of banks.

Kazhan V.A.
World practice of management credit risk
The author tried to generalize and systematize the conceptual foundations of methods to identify, assess and manage credit risk in the banking systems of other countries and evaluate their practical performance due to the adaptation of management approaches to foreign banks in Ukraine.


Ivanishkina Y.A.
Economic essence investment-build complex
In the article in theory economic essence of an investment-build complex is grounded on the basis of study of evolution of process of investing in a build industry, opening of concept of an investment-build complex from position of theoretical analysis, generalizations of formulations of term from point of determination of concept and exposure of criteria of attributing to it.