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Scientific Bulletin:
Finance, Banking, Investments.
2009 4 (5


Pasichnyk Y.V.
State financial politics in social insurance sphere
The dynamics of main social indexes of Ukraine was noticed during 2008-2009 years. The basic vectorsof state financial politics of social directions were analyzed. Concrete measures in social insurance spherewere offered in the context of state financial politics constituents.

Efremov A.
Financial economic basis of local self-government
The problems of the financial providing the management of municipal organizations are considered,principal reasons of forming of local budgets are exposed and the ways of perfection process the table ofcontents from a budget are offered at the level of municipal organizations.

Vorobyov Yu.N.
Theoretical bases of forming and use of financial resources in socio-economic system of the state
In the article theoretical generalization and ground of essence of financial resources is carried out in the socio-economic system of the state. The basic signs of financial resources are certain. It is offered the specified formulation of definition «financial resources». Maintenance, value and sources of forming of financial resources for business entities, is exposed.

Chepurko V.V.
Currency risk in Ukraine: reasons, factors, consequences
This article is devoted to the theoretical aspects of currency risk and empirical investigation of thereasons and factors of its high level in Ukraine.

Primostka L., Sushkova E.
Tax potential as important instrument of tax regulation
The article is devoted to the study of the essence of concept tax potential, to the development of the factors, which determine its value, to the analysis of the existing approaches to the estimation of this indexand the possibility of their application in practice.

Klimchuk S., Minets Yu.
Essence and maintenance of concept "corporate rights for the state"
In the publication, the modern normative-legal acts are analyzed in part of determination of concept«corporate rights « and «state corporate rights «, the main lacks of interpretations of these concepts arecertain, legal nature of corporate rights is found out. New determination of «state corporate rights» is offered.

Rulyev V., Kogut I.
Local budgets as basis of social and economic development of regions
The theoretical aspects of forming the financial basis of social and economic development of regions are considered in the article. Operating approaches to the financial smoothing of development the territories, certain advantages and failings are analyzed. The own seeing of approaches to balancing the profits and charges of budgets in regions are offered.

Nehaychuk Yu.S.
Estimation of financial providing the enterprises of house-communal economy in AR Crimea and the ways of its improvement
There is conducted analysis of the financial providing in housing and communal services There is learned efficiency of financial activity the communal enterprises. There are offered ways of decision the problems and reformation in industry.

Frolov V.I.
Optimization of working capital management of agricultural enterprises
The principles of working capital management in agriculture are justified. The mathematical description of its elements and sources management optimizing problem is given, through the operating cycle financial equilibrium maintenance of the agricultural enterprise. Methodological approaches to the computer realizationof this task are formed.

Shtofer G.
Stock market as the indicator of business activity abstracts
The estimation of business activity of macrosystems is carried out by means of share index. Indicators ofbusiness activity are capable to make essential impact on investor’s opinion at a choice of directions aninvestment of means in the stock market.


Kalambet S.V., Dil D.O.
Essence and structure of loan capital market
The article is devoted determination of essence, structures and roles of loan capital market, as to thesegment of financial market in Ukraine. Under the market of loan capitals are understood on an accumulationfinancial-credits institutes temporally free money facilities of physical and legal persons of both residents and nonresidents and grant of these capitals, on loan in a certain term and under certain percents.

Bondar A.P.
Bank consumer crediting of population
The article is devoted the questions of crediting the population on consumer needs by the Ukrainiancommercial banks. Essence of consumer credit, modern state of credit mutual relations in banks and population, prospects and ways of their development, is analyzed.