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Scientific Bulletin:
Finance, Banking, Investments.
2009 3 (4


Vorobyov Yu.N., Gladzhikurka V.A.
Analysis of the condition of state pension insurance in Ukraine
The analysis of condition state pension insurance is carried out in the article. Certainly, that at modern terms the state system of pension insurance tests big difficulties because of permanent growth of quantity of pensionaries and reduction of volumes pension payments. Financial measures and changes are offered in legislative acts, enabling to promote efficiency of the solidary system of the pension providing.

Pavlyuk K.V., Pavlyuk S.M.
Forming the financial institutes of development as factor of intro- duction the state private partnership
In the article the dynamics of investments is analysed in the fixed assets, including due to budgetary facilities, expedience of forming the Investment fund in Ukraine is grounded as an instrument of public investment policy and factor of development state the private partnership at the investment sphere.

Efremov .
Characteristics of organizing innovations in the municipal organization
The essence of innovative process in the conditions of the enterprises municipal organization are specified role of businessmen in passing management to innovative technologies and organization of production is considered.

Rokocha V.V., Kovtonyuk K.V.
Features of development the integration conformity to the law in European financial space
Preconditions of development of integration law in the European financial space which is realize on micro and macro levels and level of financial integration are investigated in article.

Nekhaychuk D.V.
The financial resources the subjects of management and households as basis of capital base of region
There are opens up essence and composition of finances at regional level in the article. A value is shown such component as financial resources of enterprises and home economics of region. There are prepared conclusions aredrawn about a sector method to the estimation of capital base of region.

Tsopa N.V.
Characteristics of estimation the spheres of financial providing and financial result in the industrial enterprise
Aims of industry branch, which determine the specific of estimation functioning of enterprises in heavy engineering, are revealed in the article. The indexes of estimation the spheres of financial providing and financial result in the industrial enterprise are considered taking into account his current aims and life cycle.

Tumanova E.A.
Economic essence of insurance in an agrarian sector
Signs which characterize economic essence of insurance on the whole and insurances in agriculture inparticular are considered in the article. The historical analysis of development the agricultural insurancewas conducted in Ukraine. The basic problems of modern insurance are certain in the agrarian sector ofeconomy in Ukraine.

Klimchuk S.V., Druzin R.V.  
Tendencies  in relation to development  the institute of bank- ruptcy’s development in Crimea
Author gave definition to the institute of bankruptcy, the problems of bankruptcy are in Ukraine, the quantitative analysis the development of bankruptcy is conducted in Crimea, the features of dynamics of enterprises-bankrupts are considered in Crimea.

Yatsyh H.
Insurance and crediting as basic methods of financial and credit mechanism operating in agrarian sector
One of basic methods of financial and credit mechanism, operating in an agrarian sector, in particularinsurance and crediting are examined. The role of the state in such processes is represented.

Uskov I.V.
Execution of local budgets on profits in the conditions of economic crisis
In the article the features of forming of profitable sources are analysed on the levels of local budgets in a region. Complex measures are offered on the improvement of forming of profitable sources of localbudgets in the conditions of world economic crisis.


Vorobyova E.I.
Deposit market Crimea: modern tendencies and prospects
In the article the modern tendencies of functioning of deposit market are certain Crimea. It is set that thedeposit market of region does not have a tendency of considerable to diminishing basic indexes in spite of financial crisis in country. Basic possible variants and prospects are certain in alteration situation at thedeposit market of region

Zemlyachv S.V.  
Essence, forming sources and value of resource based in commercial banks
Essence is studied in the article, sources of forming of resources of banks and the new going is offerednear their classification. Consideration of banking resources is offered in mcroeconomic and macroeconomicaspects. Author interpretation the concept of resource base in banks is expounded. The new criteria in structuring of resource base in banks are offered. The value resource base in banks is studied, the new goingis selected near consideration of role the resource base in commercial banks.

Sribnaya K.
Modern progress of mortgage bank crediting trends at level of Ukraine and its separate regions
Presentation is given about modern progress of the mortgage bank crediting trends at the level of Ukraineand its separate regions, types of mortgage credits which give bank institutions borrowers, and the charts ofthe mortgage crediting are considered, the basic participants of the system of the mortgage crediting are certain.

Vasyl’yeva N.K., Pistunov I.N., Pistunov N.I.
The evaluations of the terms of the production liquidity for the maintenance of the credits return by the agricultural enterprises
It is grounded, that the increasing of the risk of the credits non-return by the agricultural enterprises isexplained by the limited terms of the storage of their production. It is determined, that the dependency of theliquidity from the terms of the storage of the agrarian production is complied with the exponential law.


Pozharytskaya I., Pilatova T.
Features the investing of cottage building
Factors influencing at choice optimization model the investing of cottage building are selected.Comparative description organizationally is conducted — legal forms the institutes of the joint investing. The mechanism the investing (financings) of cottage building with the use of venture investment fund andbuild cooperative store is explored