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Scientific Bulletin:
Finance, Banking, Investments.
2009 2 (3


Vorobyov Yu.N.
State and local budgets are intercommunication and contradiction of interests

Kocyuba M.P.
Forming of indexes of declarations on an income tax

Nehaychuk U.S.
Problems of regional development and way of their decision

Pozharytsckaya I.M.
Features of organization of account of build organizations

Rogatenyuk E.V.
Foreign experience of calculation of indexes of profitability

Blazhevich O.G.
Influence of circulating assets on financial independence of enterprise

Pilatova T.N.
Organization of financial account of basic production of a build organi-zation

Voroshilo V.V.
Financial activity of households

Nehaychuk D.V.
Creation of institutional and organizational terms for regional develop-ment

Sushkova H.E.
About reformation of local taxation in Ukraine

Adamanova F.I.
The problem questions of account the return commodities (scientific leader: Plugar H.V.)

Akimova H.V.
Features of forming of taxable income of build enterprises (scientific leader: Pilatova T.N.)

Bespal'chenko O.Yu.
Comparative description of audit and revision of financially-economic activity of enterprise (scientific leader: Pilatova T.N.)

Bobyr' I.S.
Audit of initial tailings on business accounts (scientific leader: Pilatova T.N.)

Borikun D.P.
The complex economic analysis on a base «1S: enterprises» (scientific leader: Frolov V.I.)

Vashukevich Ya.V.
The tax and book-keeping aspect of extra charge depreciation of the fixed assets (scientific leader: Plugar H.V.)

Veselova Yu.Yu.
Analysis the solvency and liquidity of enterprise (scientific leader: Blazhevich O.G.)

Volod'ko T.V.
Personal insurance (scientific leader: Tumanova E.A.)

Gavrilenko V.V.
Planning of financial results in the conditions of crisis (scientific leader: Vorobyov Y.N.)

Ganieva E.Sh.
Problems and prospects the leadthrough of audit informative safety in enterprise (scientific leader: Frolov V.I.)

Gorishnyaya D.V.
Tax from the profits of physical persons in foreign countries (scientific leader: Sushkova H.E.)

Gritsenko O.I.
Methods of financial prognostication on the modern stage (scientific leader: Vorobyov Y.N.)

Davidyuk .Yu.
Comparative description of the modern book-keeping programs 1:S Book-keeping, Parus and Galaxy (scientific leader: Frolov V.I.)

Efimova T.O.
Financing business in the conditions of financial crisis (scientific leader: Vorobyov Y.N.)

Kas'yanenko D.V.
Audit of profits in sanatorium-resort organizations (scientific leader: Pozharytsckaya I.M.)

Kozhara I.V.
Development of management informations (scientific leader: Frolov V.I.)

Konova O.V.
The use of the informative systems in a management and making a deci-sion (scientific leader: Frolov V.I.)

Konstantinova I.Yu.
Problems the perfection of the tax system in Ukraine (scientific leader: Sushkova H.E.)

Lagno N.A.
Features of internal audit in a holding company (scientific leader: Pozharytsckaya I.M.)

Loshkareva N.S.
The direct and indirect taxes in Ukraine and way of their reformation (scientific leader: Sushkova H.E.)

Luk'yaninkova O.A.
Automation of record-keeping and hotel business management (scien-tific leader: Frolov V.I.)

Matskevich H.N.
Features the development of account in China (scientific leader: Uniyatova O.A.)

Mochenkova K.A.
Record-keeping — one of priority economic sciences (scientific leader: Novikova G.N.)

Mustafaeva L.D.
Development of account in France (scientific leader: Uniyatova O.A.)

Pedan Yu.M.
Influence of depreciation on the financial results in enterprise (scientific leader: Blazhevich O.G.)

Pivnyk A.V.
Issues of the employment population in Ukraine (scientific leader: Lykhina N.I.)

Ponomareva K.E.
The debatable aspects of account of general production charges (scien-tific leader: Plugar H.V.)

Simonenko I.V.
Analytical procedures in audit (scientific leader: Pozharytsckaya I.M.)

Syrtsova Yu.S.
Influence of afterclaps on a public accountant  conclusion (scientific leader: Pilatova T.N.)

Tarasova A.G.
Forms of make-working the enterprise and their efficiency (scientific leader: Blazhevich O.G.)

Titaeva V.M.
Analysis the evolution of social payments in Ukraine (scientific leader: Plugar H.V.)

Umrikhina H.S.
Opening  the information  on the CPLD sides in an audit  (scientific leader: Pozharytsckaya I.M.)

Firsova K.V.
Methods of financial analysis (scientific leader: Blazhevich O.G.)

Chistyakova M.A.
About financial activity the private enterprises in Ukraine (scientific leader: Nehaychuk D.V.)

Shimf A.V.
The modern account theories (scientific leader: Uniyatova O.A.)

Shtepo N.A.
Forming of property asset in joint-stock companies (scientific leader: Vorobyov Y.N.)

Shtompel' H.A.
Problems of unemployment in Crimea (scientific leader: Lykhina N.I.)

Etibaryan M.S.
Analysis of financial stability in enterprise (scientific leader: Blazhevich O.G.)


Vorobyova E.I.
The credit  problems  banks  on the modern  stage  in functioning  the socio-economic system of Ukraine

Sribnaya K.A.
The modern state and tendencies of the bank crediting in business enti-ties at level AR Crimea

Grozdeva H.A.
Principle of extra charge and accordance of profits and charges of bank as base principle of account

Boldina H.M.
The corporate pay cards as progressive form of calculations (scientific leader: Plugar H.V.)

Shtepo N.A.
Features the operations of factoring in jars (scientific leader: Grozdeva H.A.)


Tumanova E.A.
The integrated economic structures as one of basic directions in perfec-tion investment activity at agrarian enterprises

Ivanishkina Yu.A.
The theoretical aspects of investment activity in capital building

Laverev A.A.
Estimation the cost of enterprise as business (scientific leader: Klimchuk S.V.)