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Scientific Bulletin:
Finance, Banking, Investments.
2009 1 (2


Vorobyova E.I.
Directions concentration of basic risks crediting of Ukrainian economy
In the article investigational maintenance of  risks of crediting of Ukrainian economy. It is set thatdirections the concentration of risks crediting are conditioned essence and maintenance of crediting as one of general methods of the financial providing development of economy.

Vorobyov Yu.N.
Integration of capitals participants of financially-industrial groups
Maintenance of integration of and industrially-point-of-sale capital is investigational in the article. It is set that integration of capitals on the modern stage of development of Ukraine’s economy is one of leadingdirections of increase possibilities realization of investment-innovative activity of economy country.

Sribnaya K., Sribniy V.
Basic problems of development of bank crediting of business entities at regional level
Basic problems from the side of bank institutions and enterprises which prevent development of the bankcrediting of business entities, exposed. Effective methods which would be instrumental in credit market of region development are considered.


Vorobyov Yu.N., Gricenko O.I.
National debt and his affecting the socio-economic state of Ukraine in the conditions of world financial crisis
In the article deep research of theoretical and practical questions of national debt is conducted in the conditions of world financial crisis. It is set that in a market economy a national debt is the objectivephenomenon, and it is therefore necessary to carry out effective management and service. Basic measures, directed on the increase of efficiency of management and maintenance of national debt in the modern termsof management, are grounded.

Pozharytskaya I.M., Pilatova T.N.
Features of analysis of financial results of small business entities taking into account changes in his informative base
The informative base of analysis of financial results of small business entities is studied. The features ofmethod of financial analysis of charges and indexes of profitability of small enterprises are selected.

Rogatenyuk E.V.
Financial politics of the state: essence, directions and appearance
It is exposed as a result of analysis, that the existent going near interpretation of financial policy onprinciple does not differentiate between itself, as their authors accent attention on the different aspects of this concept — roles of financial policy; correlation of aims and tasks, methods and instruments of economic and financial policy.

Gutarina S.  
Features of  the  use  financial resources of  local authorities in modern social- economic terms
Problems and features of the use of financial resources of local authorities are considered in the article.The ways of increase of efficiency of the use of financial resources of local authorities are offered.

Demchenko I.V.
The risk aspect and features of functioning of agrarian enterprises
Evolution of the conceptual device of risk of the enterprise is considered in this paper. Features of agriculture as branches of economy and as such which raise risk are lighted. The role and value of the statesupport for agrarian sector of economy are shown.

Kogut I.
Execution incomes of local budgets on the example of Zaporozhian region
The structure of earnings of local budgets in obedience to the current legislation is considered in the article. The indexes of implementation of local budgets incomes on the example of the Zaporozhian regionare analyzed. The basic lacks of the operating system of local budgets forming are certain.

Tumanov E.A.
Features of government control the insurance market in Ukraine
The necessity of government control the insurance market in Ukraine is considered in the article. The features of this adjusting are exposed. The functions of Committee are considered in matters of supervision after insurance activity, the basic problems of government control of insurance activity are certain in Ukraine.

Uskov I.V.
Factors and terms affecting the interbudgetary relations in the regions of Ukraine
In the article the factors rendering influences on the system of interbudgetary relations at regional level are analysed. Complex measures on the decline of the negative influencing of these factors on the aggregateof constituents of the system of interbudgetary relations on the levels of region are developed.

Nehaychuk D.V.
The financial providing of enterprises of community property
Financial resources of utility enterprises and peculiarities of utility enterprises’ functioning are considered.Differences in composition and structure, calculation of standards and indexes of use, in order and sourcesof key and floating assets financing of water-supply and sewerage enterprises are pointed out.



Vorobyova E.I., Gladzhikurka V.A.
Financing and crediting of build complex of Ukraine
Deep research of theoretical and practical questions of financing and crediting of a build complex ofUkraine is conducted in the article. It is set that a financial crisis interferes with development on the modern stage. It is offered approach and direction on the improvement of situation in a build complex of country.

Selivanova A.A., Blazhevich O.G.
Estimation investment attractiveness of Crimean regions for a build activity (for 2003-2007 years)
The constituents of investment attractiveness of activity are considered in the article, the methodicalgoing is specified near its estimation. On the basis of offered approach the estimation of investmentattractiveness of a build sphere of activity is made (on the example of regions AR Crimea in 2003-2007 years).