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Scientific Bulletin:
Finance, Banking, Investments.
2008 1 (1

Vorobyov Y.N.
Financial Resources of Joint-Stock Companies and Financial Industrial Groups of Ukraine
In the article reveals questions forming financial resources of joint-stock companies and financial industrialgroups.

Rogatenyuk E.V.
About Directions of Priorities Restructuring Financial System in the Conditions of Transformation Economy
In the article basic approaches of domestic and foreign scientists are considered to structuring of thefinancial system. Being based on the results of the conducted analysis, approach is offered on restructuringof organizational and underlying structure of the financial system, answering realities of the Ukrainian economy.

Nehaychuk U.S.
About the Measures for Improvement of the  Financial Condition of the Enterprises and Overcoming the Influence of Financial Crisis on a real Sector of Economy
The influence of negative consequences of the world financial crisis on development of economy of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and on development of the bank and real sectors in such conditions are considered. We reveal problems of functioning of the economy in condition of the crisis. The measures forminimization of negative consequences of financial crisis are offered.

Zemlyachev S.V., Zemlyacheva O.A.
Basic Concepts and Principles, in-use in Organization of Work of Fund of Social Security on the Temporal Loss of Ability to Work
In the article bases of organization of activity of Fund of social security are considered on the temporal loss of ability to work. The tasks of Fund, members of Fund, sources of forming of budget of Fund, are described. Classification of charges of Fund is resulted.The structure of organs of management Fund, plenary powers of Rule and executive management of Fund, is described. The supervisory functions of Fund are resulted. A concept and bases of calculation of insurance experience is considered. A concept and types of the financial providing and social services is described in insurance on the temporal loss of ability to work.

Pozharytskaya I.M., Plugar H.
Methodological Bases of State Financial Audit
Methodological bases of state financial audit are considered in Ukraine, comparative description ofindependent audit and state financial audit is resulted.

Uskov I. V.
Model  of  Construction  of  the  Effective  System  of  the Interbudgetary Relations AR Crimea
In the article problem sides in distributing of interbudgetary transfer between the levels of local budgets are determined. On the basis of it the economy - mathematical model directed on the objective distributing of financial help evening and stimulant between the levels of budgets district and city in the ARE Crimea isdeveloped.

Voroshilo V.
Tipology of Financial Decisions of Households
In the article the basic elements of classification of financial decisions of households are considered andtypology of financial decisions of households is offered on the modern stage of development of economy ofUkraine.

umanova .
Feature of Insurance in Agriculture
The features of agricultural insurance are considered in the article. The basic problems of this type ofinsurance in the conditions of development and becoming of insurance market of Ukraine are certain. Theways of decision of these problems are offered.

Gutarina S.
Evolyuciya Looks to Financing of Local Authorities
The process of evolution of scientific thought in relation to financing of local organs of self-government asin Ukraine so in foreign countries is considered in the article.

Vorobyova E.I.
The Banking System: Essence and Importance in Development of Social Production
In the article motivates theoretical grounds of essence banking system and its importance for developmentof social production

Bondar A.P.
Place of Commercial Banks at the Fund Market of Ukraine in Modern Terms
A question is considered about the place of banks in operations at the market of equities. Attention isaccented on the necessity of subsequent activation of activity of commercial banks at the fund market.Directions of improvement of fund market of Ukraine are resulted.

Sribnaya K.
Groupment of Bank Institutions at Level of Crimea
Groupment of bank institutions ARE Crimea on general assets, conducted the size of capital and size ofobligations and rating of every bank institute of region in the group of most, large, middle and small banks iscertain.

Placsienko V. Ya., Blazhevych O.G.
Investments in Agrarian Production Under the Modern Condition of Developing Ukraine’s Economy
In the article searches questions possibilities of realization investments in agrarian production under the modern conditions of developing Ukraine’s economy.

Sribniy V.
Estimation of Economic Safety in the Aspect of the Investment’s Development of Crimea
The basic socio-economic indexes of regional development are explored and estimation of the economic safety in the aspect of the investment’s development of Crimea is conducted.

Nehaychuk D.V.
The Investments in Water-Economic Complex: Motivation and Calculation
The influence of the investment embedding on development of water-economic complex of the region is considered. The criteria of the estimation of investments with ranking them on value are defined. The notion«water-retaining» entered. The classification of factors, which influence on decision of investing in the objects of water-economic complex realized.

Kovalev .A.
Practical Realization Economic Questions of Guarding Labour in Programs Higher Educational Establishment
Basic concepts and essence of economic analysis of labour protection are considered on an enterprise, rules of damages to the person, insurances and grounds of expenses on a labour protection.